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What Cities Do d.tech Students Come From?

By Ella Rook

What cities do d.tech students come from-

What cities do d.tech students come from? Most cities in the Bay Area apparently.

There are some students from as far north as Mill Valley, which is above Sausalito, while some hail from as far south as Cupertino and Santa Clara. Surprisingly, a small percentage of students even come from as far east as Hayward, and some make the long trek from the West Coast beaches inland every day. A little less surprisingly though, over 20% of d.tech students come from either Burlingame or San Mateo. This graphic aims to show the diversity of the student population at d.tech and the distances they travel to get to school every day.

4 thoughts on “What Cities Do d.tech Students Come From?

  1. It’s pretty interesting how far people are willing to commute to get all the way to school. I really enjoyed the visual map that allows the reader to see where the percentage of people are coming from. As the years go by, it will be interesting to see how the demographic changes, especially when dtech moves to the Oracle campus.

  2. It is intriguing to see everyone from all over the bay area just to get to school. I like how the graph showing all the students and the percentages of where people come from. I wish that you wrote a part saying how they commute and what are popular ways to get to school, do they carpool and other things like that.

  3. It would be nice to see it formatted as a heat map similar to this: http://bit.ly/2qwZY57

    If not that, at least a table with the cities and percentages, as not every city in the bay area is listed here.

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