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The Camping Trip Will Change Your Life

By Georgina Fakoukaki

Most of us have been camping at some point of our lives. And all of us had to deal with the irritating bugs, or the wild creature outside of our tents that would wake us up in the middle of the night. For the ones who don’t fall into that category, we got you covered. The annual dtech camping trip at Casini Ranch is coming up… But what is really the reason why we go camping as a school and what can it offer to our d.tech community?

This is the third annual camping trip to Casini Ranch. Some people call it just a “fun” experience, while others express how much their lives have changed after the trip. There are also students who haven’t been there at all and don’t really know what to expect. So how can we create an experience from which everyone can get the most? Well, it all starts by finding the need of each individual and trying to empathize with them as much as possible to then ultimately grow and become stronger as a community. Secondly, we have to let ourselves make mistakes and acknowledge our weaknesses around nature. That will help us become more aware and caring towards each other. Lastly, as Mandie Pouwels shares in the “Active” website, “Being outside isn’t just about being in a new environment; it’s about developing an appreciation for nature and respecting the world around us.”

Sophomore, Victoria Nguyen, expressed how relaxing and refreshing camping can be. She talked about the way camping bonded the d.tech community, and helped people forget about their stressful and overwhelming schedules. She also mentioned how important it was for her to maintain a positive mindset throughout the trip, as in case things didn’t go as planned. She also touched on the importance of living in the moment and appreciating every second of our time there.

You don’t have to be a camping fan or a bug expert to attend the camping trip. You just need to be ready for an enjoyable three-day excursion to get closer to nature. Get ready to pack your stuff, put your hat on, and let’s head to d.tech’s 2017 camping trip for an experience you’ll never forget!

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  1. Georgi! I really enjoyed reading your article! You talked a lot about connecting with both nature and the community which is definitely what the camping trip is about! I really liked the insight you got from Victoria because it’s very relatable.

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