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d.tech Baseball’s First Exciting Season

By Candace Tsai and Hezekiah Smithstein

2017 marked the beginning of the Design Tech Baseball team, made up of 14 boys from grades 9 -11. The baseball season is currently fully under way, and the Dragons are beginning to take flight as they approach their ninth game of the season. Although their 1-6-1 (win-loss-tie) record isn’t too impressive, they are a newly formed team full of young talent that shows promise for the future. We caught up with the players and coaches to get the inside scoop on this season.

The newly formed d.tech Varsity Baseball team, coached by d.tech Athletic Director Marcus Marshall, could not have been formed without the significant effort of junior, Jose Obregon. Obregon began to talk to Christy Knott about the idea of having a baseball team at the end of the 2016 last school year.

Junior, Daigo Frank, in the outfield

According to Obregon: “It was hard convincing the administrators and getting people interested and committed to play.” There were a lot of factors that made creating a baseball team last year not possible: shortage of funds, time, and players. The baseball team wouldn’t have been possible if Marshall hadn’t become Athletic Director and without the support of d.tech, friends, and family.

Team members report that the team has improved vastly in the past months since the season began. “The team has come a long way physically and mentally,” says Lucian Parisi, a sophomore and third baseman on the team. “Our fundamentals have improved and we are actually communicating in our games.”

Freshman, Keito Frank, pitching

Their skills are not the only thing that have improved. Carter Bui, a freshman and Center Fielder on the team, says: “Everyone on the team is close with each other and we have established a great bond.”

“We love playing with each other because we have a lot of fun together,” he adds.

The team has shone in their victory, a 15-4 win against Everest High School. “We came ready to play,” Lucian said, in reference to their victory. “Even when we started the game losing we came back and didn’t let up.”

The baseball team at d.tech plays teams all throughout the Bay Area Peninsula. They’re not in a league this season, but are planning to join the PSAL for the 2018 season. The team has displayed a resiliency and strength that indicates promise for the future. In their first game together, a tie in the record books, they made a nine run comeback for what was actually a d.tech victory. Unfortunately, however, the opposing team claimed it was a tie, so the game was recorded as such. What mattered most was not the outcome, however, but the fact that in the first game of the season they had not given up. They had worked together, even as a new team, and made it back from a large deficit.

Junior, John Gardner

Despite all of their accomplishments, the team faces some challenges they will have to overcome. The team has had six losses so far, and some of them were blowouts. In one of their games, they got routed by San Jose High School 20-1, in a stunning defeat.

“It has been hard to overcome losing by so much,” Carter says.

However, the team has not let these losses keep them down. “In every one of those losses, everyone still held their head up high at the end of the game,” says Alex Londgren, a 10th grader and left fielder on the team. “Coach was happy with our performance because we still all improved.”

The team is excited to go out, have fun, and take away a few more victories before the end of the season.

Show some school spirit and come out to support the team!

Click here for the team’s full schedule, roster, and more.

All Photos by Megumi Frank

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