3 thoughts on “Where Juniors Want to Go To College

  1. This topic is so important to students our age. I think its great that you talked about this. I think many students may find this helpful.

  2. It would be nice if we could see how large your sample size was, as this likely isn’t the entire class.

  3. The California Educational Institution system was specifically designed for students to attend 2-year College than transfer to a 4-year public college. That pathway also saves you $100,000+ on your Bachelor’s Degree. Also a 2-year college to 4-year private college is also do-able, but you have to look at the specific requirements at each private institution. Even a 2-year to out-of-state 4-year college is do-able, but don’t expect to easily graduate in 2 years at the 4-year institution. Always check the requirements if you go down this path.

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