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YouTubers of d.tech: Who are They?

By Piotr Garbaczonek

We’ve all probably heard of PewDiePie, Markiplier, Jenna Marbles, or Smosh at least once  in our still-short lifetime. These YouTube channels are huge, with millions of subscribers. Being a YouTuber is hard because of the amount of videos that need to be made. Also, YouTubers have to be nice, respond to criticism, and be focused in what their channel is about.

Some d.tech students are making videos on regular basis to post on YouTube. Their channels are growing over time, but you can help them by watching their videos, clicking the “Like” button, posting positive or constructive feedback, and subscribing if you like the content. 

Below are a few rising YouTube channels at our school.

  1. Portia Kwan (portia kwan)

Kwan created her channel with a focus of experiencing and documenting her life. Her main goal for her channel is to allow people like her to feel good about themselves and pursue their passions. She always loved filming and editing, so making a YouTube channel was an outlet for her skills and hobbies. She says: “ My most popular video right now is my Golden State Warriors vlog, but it wasn’t that good because I did it awhile back.”  The video that she is the most proud of so far, is her latest video where she hung out with her friends at Stanford.

  1.   Isaac Mahan( DSMSpyder69)

Mahan created his channel because he likes playing Destiny on his Play Station 4. If you are a fan of the game or you like watching people play games and reacting to them, check out his content.

  1.    Bodhi Godwin (Fenujj)

Godwin is creating videos where he is trying different things on a variety of instruments, such as doing piano improvisations in different themes, and bass improv. In addition to instrumental improvisation, he also posts songs that include him playing a 7 string guitar and an acoustic guitar. If you are a fan of improvised music, go check out his channel.

  1.   Piotr Garbaczonek (Piotr G7 Studio)

I started posting on YouTube because I wanted to start showcasing my growth as a guitar player and music producer. If you look at my first video and my latest video, you can easily see the change in quality. My channel started its existence as a guitar-cover channel, but I wanted to try new things, so I started doing reviews, vlogs and other ideas that I am experimenting with. It is definitely a learning process. I am proud of all of my videos equally, but my most viewed video is Enter Sandman( Metallica- Guitar Cover). My message is to not be afraid to try new things, and to be open-minded, because you never know what will be the next viral trend.

  1.    Piotr Garbaczonek, Bodhi Godwin, Samson Mostowfi, and Kirill Naumov (Follow The Smoke Band)

Follow The Smoke is our unsigned band from Foster City, CA and we create original music as well as perform covers of popular metal songs on YouTube. We have two original songs, which are on Spotify and iTunes, but we are working hard to make music videos and more original content for our viewers. Aside from band covers and original music, we have some studio updates and blooper videos from creating our music videos.

  1.    Sam Lash (Fallen)

Lash makes gaming videos on his channel. He started making videos in 2011 and has been doing them ever since. He plays many games, such as League of Legends, One Chance, and Night in the Woods.

7.   Jacob Floro (Bluethundercrew)

Floro started his YouTube channel about five years ago, and does school projects  and plays Minecraft. He started the channel with his brother. A little history behind the name: his brother was bluethunder458, and Jacob being bluethunder650, hence “bluethundercrew”. 

  1.   Sean James (Shoji)   

James creates funny videos of school assignments and weird ideas that he has. If you want to break out in a laugh, check him out!

Check out and subscribe to these channels to give support!


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