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Highlights of the d.tech Camping Trip

Photo by Hanui Lee

By Jonathan Ferreira

After all the buses arrived at Casini Ranch, the students gathered up their gear and met with their respective @dtechs, then the first real event began — setting up tents. For the better part of two hours, students and adults alike spent time putting together their tents and talking with their friends. Those who finished early, chilled in their tents with friends or explored the new campgrounds. As is tradition, Mr. McAndrew brought his LARPing swords and challenged anyone who wanted to try their hand at it. Laughs and jeers echoed through the crowd, as people watched as their friends volunteer just to get defeated as quickly as they came. Aidan Janzen, a sophomore, said, “It was nice to see all my friends try to do it.” He was also glad to be part of the group of people who cheered Mr. Wall into going up against Mr. McAndrew. To the crowd’s dismay, Mr. Wall did not reign supreme.

To the crowd’s dismay, Mr. Wall did not reign supreme.

Then came the night game. Armed with a single clue, two groups ran around finding clues, which led them to more clue locations. The groups were given socks for their hard work and frustration. That’s right. Socks.

After that, students were left to their own devices, to unwind and socialize in their tents. Some juniors, like Ashley Phan and Lucas Wieser pulled a prank on Nick Hom by putting plastic horses in and around all of his things, knowing that Nick is deathly allergic to horses. Others, like sophomore Jaya Reddy, and the other nine people crammed in her five-person tent, argued about the rules and technicalities of “Go Fish”. Come 10 pm, it was lights out, and everybody was supposed to be quiet. I say “supposed to”, because people like freshman Benji Chang and his tent group, thought it was funny hearing Christy getting angry at the people in the tent next to them. Chang said,  “She had to tell them to be quiet three times at, like, midnight”.

Thursday’s activities started with three choices that students picked weeks prior to the camping trip. Students went to a variety of activities ranging from chill time at campgrounds and store, to volleyball and sharks and minnows. Junior, Tiffany Bynum, said “the friendship bracelet making was fun and yoga was pretty cool.” After the activities were completed, campers had free time until they could go swimming. When 2:15 finally rolled around, almost everybody was down at the river. Due to the increased rainfall, the river system had a lot more water in it, making the water substantially colder than it was in past years. Not many people stuck around upon finding out how frigid the water was, but those who did had an absolute blast!

Photo by Hanui Lee

After the time period for swimming in the river elapsed, free time officially began. This free time was spent just like any other, with common sights being playing cards in tents, hanging out near the store, and socializing near the river. Hanui Lee, a sophomore, even claimed that she met her prom date at the duck pond. She said, “I fell in love with the ducks at the pond” (in particular one specific duck which she dubbed Siena.) The last activity of the day, was the d.tech tradition of a bonfire on the beach. Sure, some students said it wasn’t as big as prior years, but even they said they still enjoyed it. In my eyes, this was a really great school camping trip!

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