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My Fun Amazing Time at the Not Camping Trip

By Yuze Sun

So while you were in your sleeping bags, trying to fall asleep after being thrice told to stop talking, you might’ve wondered: What were people who stayed behind at d.tech doing?

Well, I can’t speak for all of us, but I can describe what I did.

Rewind back to 11:15, Wednesday: We went to the Burlingamer, where Ms. Krummel and Mr. Brock told us that we needed to go to the chem room for FIT or the Hangar for clean-up the next morning.

11:41-12:41 We had open campus lunch. I went to L&L with my friends. Having to explain what a loco moco was great. Also so was the loco moco.

1:00 -2:30 We started cleaning. I started having a headache. Probably a connection.

2:30 School ended, I went to get boba with friends.


8:35: Arrived at school. Went to chem for FIT.

8:35-11:00 Did Calculus and SAT prep. Only 47- more hours! Yaaaaayyyy….

11:00-12:00 Went to get lunch. Friends were lazy and decided to finish a SAT practice test instead of getting food so I had to get food for them.

12:00-2:30 We watched Rogue one. Highlights include a witty robot, Darth Vader killing rebels for two minutes, and a blind person rapidly repeating ‘I am one with the force the force is with me.”


8:40 MOAR CHEM FIT! YAY! … 23 hours

8:40-11:00 Did more homework, saw people that came back Thursday night, 3 calculus students got stuck on a pre-calc question, not much happened.

11:00-12:00 Turns out having a loco moco for lunch three days in a row makes it less appetizing…

12:00-1:00 More FIT… I’m bored.

1:00 Oh, hey! More people are here, I guess. Wonder where they’ve been the past two days.


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