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Summer Decor Inspirations

By Katie Toye

With summer on its way, it’s time to get in the summer spirit, and what better way to do it than DIYs! Do It Yourself crafts allow you to customize anything within a budget. This summer is just waiting for you to make party banners, floral garlands, and sunflower fixtures , and fruit painted mason jars to sip on your cold, refreshing smoothies. These are perfect for either your room or to put up for a party. Choose your colors for different times of the year or just for your party theme!

 Hanging Sunflower Bouquet inspired by indoorlyfe.com

This rustic, beautiful decoration can be a main focus or a dinner center piece. Want a romantic look to it? Exchange the sunflowers for some fake roses and baby’s breath. You can hang this from beams or put it on top of a skinny, tall vase. Here’s what you’ll need:

-Styrofoam Ball (Size depends on your preference)

-Bundles of Fake Flowers (number of bunches depends on size of ball)

-Hot Glue Gun

-Hemp/String/Fishing Line (optional)

I am using a 12” diameter styrofoam ball from a local crafts store and used about 5 bunches of large sunflowers.

  1. I wanted to be able to hang mine from the ceiling, so I wrapped the string like a present. Taking a long piece of string, I wrapped the center of the string across it and when it met on the other side, I crossed the two sides and twisted them both 90o to the left.
  2. Pull the string back tightly to the top and tie a sturdy knot before repeating that last step.
  3. Take one more piece of string and fold it in half. Measure the string from the ceiling to your desired location and multiply it by two.
  4. Cut the string and thread it under the crossed strings you twisted earlier and diagonally to the other side and then tie a knot at the end for you to hang it on.
  5. Start with pulling all the flowers off the stems that leaves a small stud on the back of the flower.
  6. If you’re a planner like me, use a pencil or marker to map out where each flower will go.
  7. Squirt a large drop of glue where your flower will go immediately after.
  8. Then push the stem through the glue and into the ball.
  9. Do the same for all the flowers till the styrofoam is completely covered. Now you’re done!

If you want to do more take your finished product and make various sizes of it.

DIY Party Banner inspired by Miss Remi Ashten

Start with a couple of colored pieces of cardstock or  paint chips from your local hardware store. I chose a coral pink, baby blue, and a pale yellow from BEHR paint chips from Home Depot. You will need the following materials to recreate this cute DIY.

-Large Paint Chips (Colored Cardstock)Banner BEHR Paint Chips





-String (I used 4 feet to keep the letters spaced apart)

  1. Start with cutting your cardstock into triangles.

    •  If you have the paint chips like I did, I just used the ruler to mark the the centerline of the edge and drew lines from the top. I used the ruler to find the center of the bottom edge and  then drew a line from opposite corners to create the triangle. Cut out as many as you need for the letters or you can leave them blank. For mine, I wanted to write “happy” so I cut out 5 triangles.Banner 1. Get Your Supplies Together
  2.  Take a sharpie and/or fine tip black marker to draw the cursive letters.
  3. With BEHR paint chips,
    there’s a curved edge. I folded it over to create a straight edge from both corners. Fold the edge over the string, so that it can hang on.
  4. To secure it on the string, tape the fold down so it can still slide across the string but stay on it. Now do the same for all of your pieces.
  5. To hang up your banner, you can use tape, clips, thumb tacks, or even glue for a more permanent adhesive.

Banner Final Product 1

DIY Flower Garland inspired by LaurDIY

This floral decor is great for a summer barbeque or even to hang in your room. I chose some different shades of pink, yellow, and orange to keep the scheme bright and colorful. I made mine about 4 feet long.Here are the materials you’ll need for a garland similar to mine.

-5-6 bunches of fake flowersFlower Garland 1. Get Your Materials

-Thin ribbon or string (I used 5 feet to let some ribbon hang on the sides)

-A hot glue gun

-Scissors (optional)

  1. Pull all your flowers off the stems and some of the leaves as well. (It’s a really satisfying feeling to pop each flower off. )
  2. After you have a pile of flowers, arrange all of them in any order you want while your glue gun is heating up. I decided to make sure the same flowers weren’t right next to each other so I lay out all the flowers and created a
  3. To ensure the flowers are all facing the same directions, I cut small slits into the ribbon where the small stem goes into. Each one was about 2 inches away from the next.  
  4. Now glue each flower onto the ribbon by leaving a glue dot over the cut and slipping the small stem through it.
  5. Like the party banner, just hang it up with tape or glue and you’re done! Now you have a colorful and cute garland perfect for the season.


It’s time to start planning your summer in style!  From rustic barbecues, to a beach day, there are tons of options for how you can decorate with your own personal touch without worrying about spending big bucks.  DIYs let you personalize your creations, as well as create great conversation starters for you and your guest.

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