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Taking Advantage of Opportunities @ d.tech

By Ana Nicolau

d.tech students have plenty of outside resources that have allowed them to explore their areas of interest and grow as individuals. Here are some of the best ones to try take advantage of.

Internships and Teaching Assistants

Most of us know Oracle has been offering internships throughout their classes over intersession. Two juniors, Whitney Wisnom and Jadene Auerbach, got the amazing opportunity to intern and teach some of their favorite topics, coding and programming. Not only do they teach, but they also participate in the class, and create their own projects with the help of Oracle volunteers. They will continue being interns until the end of their senior year. 

whit and jadene
Juniors, Whitney and Jadene at Oracle OpenWorld in September presenting their project with Design Tech teacher, Galen McAndrew.

“My coding skills have improved greatly,” says Auerbach. “If I had not attended d.tech, I don’t know if I would have ever developed such an interest in technology as I do now.” Auerbach also says her public speaking skills have increased due to teaching and presenting projects.


“It has been incredible,” Wisnom says. “I have learned more than I could ever ask for.” Wisnom also said that working with Oracle Volunteers has made her more mature as a person. She credits her ability to go into this new field of interest to being an Oracle intern, saying, “Because of Oracle I gained the creative confidence to start a project about something I am really passionate about, and I was able to present that project at Oracle Open World with fellow students.”

Another student who just recently got an internship, along with a few others at DES, the Architecture Company, is junior, Ashley Fong.  Ashley found out about the opportunity through an email that was sent by Dr. Little. Throughout the two weeks she spent there, she got to see what a real world company deals with on a daily basis, and worked with professionals that use Design Thinking in their process. Fong says, “I got out of my comfort zone because I wanted to try something new. I created new connections with many mentors that I can refer back to later.”

Ashley Fong working with an employee at DES

Not only juniors got the chance to teach and intern over intersession; one of our sophomores got a chance too. Ross Fulkerson got to TA a rock climbing class during intersession. Fulkerson is currently a competitive climber, and even traveled to China last year to compete. “I was super excited that d.tech was offering a climbing class, given my extensive experience. Overall I think it was pretty successful, but in the future I think it would be better if we had more activities planned,” Fulkerson explains.


Photography has been a big deal at d.tech, and junior, Max Otake, just recently participated in a photography show. “I have a photo exhibit up with photos showcasing of all the San Francisco skateparks. The photos are all hung at McLaren Lodge, which is the main SF Parks and Rec. building,” Otake explains. 

Photo courtesy of Max Otake

When asked how he got this opportunity, he said, “I got this opportunity through [d.tech teacher] Quincy [Stamper]. He was originally asked to do this project, but he thought of me right away, and asked me if I wanted to do it. So although he helped a ton throughout the process, he also left a lot of the project open to how I wanted to do it.” Otake thinks this will help him in the future, because this is a personal hobby he wants to continue. He also mentions the fact that he was motivated to take charge, and not wait for other people to tell him what to do, and credits d.tech for this skill.

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  1. I really like how many pictures you included, it made it a lot easier to read. I also really enjoyed reading about the different internships students have here, and how you didn’t only talk to juniors.

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