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League of Legends 7.7: How This Patch Impacts Your Game

By Adin Drabkin


Patch 7.7 was a smaller patch with no item changes, but instead some peculiar skill changes to help balance some of the more extreme champions.  Some of these changes include: a lowercool down on Jinx’s E, a partial rework of Bard’s passive, the removal of Graves’ passive, a partial rework of Nunu’s passive, and the removal of lifesteal on monsters/minions from Camille’s E.

One of the most interesting changes, was the partial rework of Bard’s passive.  Bard can now hold a total of 9 meeps once he hits 105 chimes, and instead of slowing effects, Bard now gains +15 AP damage on his passive every tier, after 105 chimes. We interviewed an avid Bard player and Junior at d.tech, Yuze Sun. When asked about the impact of these changes, he replied, “I don’t think that the current state Bard is in will really impact his current place in the meta.  The meta is like shield supports and some mage damage supports like Zyra.  I don’t think it will affect him too much.”  Although Sun is correct about Bard’s weaknesses compared to other champions in the meta, Bard is still holding his own with a 51.87% winrate in Platinum+, which shows he is still somewhat viable.  We asked Ryan Cen, a hard-stuck Platinum 5 player, about his thoughts about Bard jungle. I started to ask, “Can Bard junl-” but Cen interrupted, “No. He’s just not viable compared to other options.”

Although Bard is definitely not viable in the jungle, he is considered a good support, and it will be very interesting to see if he is played at MSI in the next few weeks.


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