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Shoe Trends: What’s Hot Now

By Ana Nicolau


People usually follow trends, and I can’t lie, I myself have been following them. You’ve probably seen them in social media, where they probably blew up, around school and around places you go to. These shoe trends aren’t hard to miss.


Checkered Vans

Vans has been around a long time, famous for their slip ons and old schools, popular with skaters, Checkered vans are popular for their pattern and easy ability to match with plain-colored shirts. But there’s also a certain type of outfit people wear it with; Thrasher shirts, and bomber jackets. Checkered vans are in for the win!

Photo by Lyss Gozum


Old Schools: High and Low

Old Schools (by Vans) are also very in style nowadays. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are also easy to pair with your outfits. People have been creative with their choices, and I’ve seen some people who purchase all white ones and draw their own designs and make it to match their style.


Fur Slippers

Fur slippers became a big trend when the singer, Rihanna, collaborated with the brand, Puma, to create a new clothing line called Fenty. The slippers, which are now sold out due to their popularity, came in three colors: black, grey and pink. Other brands and people decided to recreate the slippers (and with a cheaper price,) and added additional colors.



Adidas NMDs

These running shoes became a very popular go-to style to wear with a comfortable outfit. Although the Adidas NMDs have different models and different colors, the most popular are the all white variety, since they go with everything. They also make an outfit look really put together without even wanting to try and look cute.


Adidas Superstars

As you can see, Adidas has been making a big come back with their shoes. Adidas Superstars came out in 1969, as a form of a low-top basketball shoe. Now in 2016-17, Superstars have been trending from fashion bloggers, to famous individuals, to teens around the Bay.

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