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What is Lucid Dreaming?

By Tyler Saiki


Junior, Paolo Skyrus, attempting to lucid dream. Photo by Tyler Saiki

Lucid Dreaming is a dream in which you are aware you are dreaming and can control your actions. This can be an amazing experience, as you can quite literally do anything you want, the only limits being your own imagination! This allows you to shape, influence, and direct your own dreams with clarity instead of being controlled by them, and even allow you to find solutions to problems in your life and conquer your fears.

So how can you begin to experience lucid dreams for yourself? Well, one of the first and most important steps is to begin trying to remember all of your dreams every morning. This is one of the most important steps, as a lucid dream is kind of pointless if you can’t remember it. This can be aided by writing your dreams down in a dream journal as soon as you wake up. One method to help you begin to experience a lucid dream, is to periodically throughout your day ask yourself: am I dreaming? Eventually, if you do this enough, you will start to do it in your dreams.

While you are dreaming, it can be confusing as to if you are dreaming or not. One easy way you can check, is to look at your hands very closely, as they will look distorted in dreams and not have fine details like wrinkles or fingerprints. You can also try and read any books or signs you see, or pinch your nose and cover your mouth to see if you can still breathe.

I interviewed a close friend and lucid dreamer, Udi Bahatt, asking him questions about his lucid dreaming experiences.

Q: How often do you experience lucid dreams?

A: “Not too often, about once or twice a month, sometimes more.”

Q: What is it like to be able to control your dreams?

A: “It doesn’t really feel like you are controlling your dream, it’s more like you imagine something, and it begins to happen around you, almost like you get that feeling of deja vu, but you are in control.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do while you lucid dream?

A: “Something I really like to do is dream that i’m floating high in the air, and i’m able to kind of reshape all the ground and surroundings under and around me. It’s kind of like real life Minecraft creative mode.”

Q: How easy is it for you to remember your dreams?

A: “I’m usually able to remember every 3rd or 4th dream for long amounts of time, but most of them I forget a short time after waking up.”

Q: Have you considered using a dream journal to help remember your dreams?

A: “Nah, i’m too lazy.”

Q: Ok, so lastly is there anything that helps you lucid dream that you would recommend to others trying to lucid dream?

A: “Eating snacks before bed. I don’t really know if it helps with lucid dreaming, but it seems like it helps me get into a deeper sleep.”

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