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Here’s the Scoop on the CAASPP Test

By Savannah Summers

As all juniors are well-aware, d.tech is undergoing California state testing this week and boy, has it been fun! Four-hour testing periods have students on edge and anxious. Some students reported starting the test with a try-hard attitude, only to gradually lose steam on their responses. The decision to break the test into two four- hour periods to prevent burning the students out may have been a bit counterintuitive. This is especially unfortunate, because the results of this year’s junior class along with next year’s, are going to be highly pivotal in the our school’s first five year charter-renewal process.

CAASPP stands for “California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress”. Most d.tech students are taking the Smarter Balanced English language arts/literacy and mathematics assessment, which is based off of Common Core Standards.

The idea is that following junior year, these assessments can give an accurate reflection of the learning going on in the participating institutions. I asked d.tech’s junior English and Math teachers if they thought that these state assessments actually demonstrated learning. Junior English teacher, Ms. Anderson, thinks that for the most part the answer is yes. Math teacher for all grades, Mr. Groat, says that compared to other standardized test, he thinks this one does the best job of demonstrating what’s being learned. When I asked students the same question, they disagreed, saying that as long as the student has adept test strategy, they’ll do well.

It seems that d.tech has a optimistic future with our state test results. Teachers are hopeful, and students feel burnt-out, but confident. d.tech has already outperformed the rest of the district in PSAT scores, so let’s keep fingers crossed for CAASPP.

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