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Limon Rotisserie Does It Right

By Sofya Shatalova

Photo by Sofya Shatalova

Limón Rotisserie, which replaced Kabul Afghan Cuisine, is a newly-opened Peruvian restaurant on the corner of California Drive and Burlingame Avenue. It’s a small restaurant, ideal for a luncheon or an early dinner, with tables packed together snugly.

My party of eight began with drinks. We ordered a pitcher of Sangria for the adults and by the looks of the empty pitcher by the end of the meal, I think it would be worth a try. I ordered Mango Lemonade, which was too sweet, the mango concentrate killing the overall taste.

The appetizers came very quickly. The Ahi Tuna Tartare went well with the accompanying chips. Along with the tuna came the Ensalada Mixta, a simple salad of mixed greens. What really impressed me was the truffle-infused mac & cheese. The infusion of spice worked in the cheese’s favor: the taste remained on my tongue for the duration of the meal.

Next came the main meal: the famous rotisserie chicken. The chicken can be ordered with two sides, and a choice of any of the Aji sauces. The chicken is explosive with flavor. The meat is soft and juicy, tasting as if it was just taken off the fire. Along with the chicken, we ordered Carne a la Parilla, a skirt steak with vegetables. The meat was well-cooked,a good balance of chewy meat and juicy flavors. Although it was a small portion, it was just enough for one.

Overall, Limón is not ideal for a casual lunch spot. It’s best for a night out with friends, or as a unique date spot. The venue is quite loud, so if you’re looking for something more romantic, try something else in the area. I would rank this as 3.5 stars of 5, and strongly recommend the rotisserie chicken and truffle-infused mac & cheese.

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