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New Castro Fountain is Ultra-Tasty

By Ryan Cen

Photo by Sammie Tse

Saturday, May 13, was the grand opening of the new retro ice cream and soda shop, the Castro Fountain, in San Francisco. Curious to what it was all about, a few friends and I went to check the place out and try the ice cream.

When we first walked in it was like something out of an old TV show. The staff was friendly, and there were multiple people ready to scoop your ice cream or get you a baked good.

Photo by Sammie Tse

They had a good variety of ice cream flavors that included: brown sugar buttermilk, coconut cream pie, hazelnut, passionfruit sherbet, fudge brownie cheesecake, vanilla, huckleberry, salted caramel pecan turtle, coffee, guava sorbet, and coconut maple pecan. Some of these flavors I had never heard of,

Photo by Amit Harlev

such as huckleberry or salted caramel pecan turtle. I decided to go with something still unique, but much more traditional (in a sense), which was the fudge brownie cheesecake. My friend, Amit, was a little adventurous and opted to try the huckleberry flavor.

Photo by Amit Harlev

The ice cream was kept at a temperature where it wasn’t too cold and hard, but it wasn’t warm and melted. The ice cream was actually very good, and I think it was worth the price. It was not like the ice cream that you would buy from the supermarket. It was much more rich, and it had more flavor than just being sweet.

If you aren’t an ice cream person, they also had a soda bar and many baked goods. I didn’t get to try any of these things, due to a lack of money, but they looked good.

Photo by Amit Harlev

Overall, it was a very interesting experience, and I would go again. I strongly suggest that you go at least once and give it a shot.


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