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Campus Tour of LA Liberal Arts Colleges

By Maxine Zigmond-Ramm

Photos taken by author

Many juniors are in the process of touring colleges, and I’m not an exception. Here are some snapshots and impressions of smaller liberal arts colleges I toured and loved in Los Angeles.


Claremont Mckenna

Claremont Mckenna is part of the Claremont Consortium and is very friendly. I went there during an event they call the “pirate party”, and there were about 15 jumpy houses, loud music, and a water slide. I really loved the atmosphere of the school; everyone seemed happy, and though finals were coming up, people were having fun. It was nice to see people outside and studying on such a nice day.



Scripps is an all girls college that is also part of the Claremont Consortium. Though it is all girls, people from other Claremont colleges can take classes there, so it’s pretty 50-50 in the classroom. Scripps is voted one of the most beautiful college campuses, and I definitely agree. It has a lot of grass and trees, and it’s not covered in pavement, like most schools. It also has a lot of art around, and very clean looking buildings. 



The last college I toured, was Chapman. Chapman is the biggest school I visited, with just under 8500 students. Chapman has more of the big campus vibe, and is just 15 minutes from Disneyland, and 45 minutes to the beach. The largest place that employs Chapman University students is Disneyland. The students seem very happy and relaxed on campus.


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