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Hot Tips for Getting a Job in High School

By Tyler Chan

William Yu, far right, at his tutoring job. Courtesy of William Yu

You may be thinking about getting a job, but are worried that it can too nerve-wracking and stressful to start asking around for one. Many students at d.tech have a job, and have shared their experience of getting one.

The first thing to remember is the importance of connections. The majority of d.tech students who have a job have gotten it through a friend or family member. Junior, Max Otake, said that the reason he got a job at Society Skateshop, in San Carlos, was because of “friend influence. Otake also said that he is “already sponsored by them” and it was “easy.” In addition, four out of the five students interviewed for this story work with a friend or family member. When looking for a job, try to find a connection first, so that you already feel comfortable with your surroundings and the people around you. Even as a high school student, you have many different job opportunities, and it’s important that you choose one that you enjoy.

A common interest students had when looking for a job were concerns about convenience, hours, and of course, money. As a high school student, making money is great, but we are still in school and shouldn’t be spending excessive amounts of time working. When asking why he took a job at a movie theater, junior, Elian Mendoza Davis, answered, “The movie theater is near my house.” He also says, “I like the free tickets, discounts on food, and the money.” Junior, Nichika O’Malley, took a job at Kumon. He says one reason why he chose to work there was because he could still manage his time, since he only has to work two days a week. As you are applying for a job, make sure it won’t take over your life.

Nichika O’Malley. Photo by Tyler Chan

The last advice students gave, is to try to find a job that’s something you enjoy. but also take risks. In three words, junior, William Yu, a tutor at Eye Level says, “Don’t be afraid.” Don’t be intimidated by a difficult job. Apply, and you can definitely find another fabulous job if you get rejected. Junior, Tim Gonzalez, who works on real estate at EZ Loan Company states, “Let’s say you want to be an engineer; working at Foot Locker or Starbucks doesn’t contribute to that career that you want. I took a job at the Real Estate Offices because I want to become an architect, and I am really interested in the housing market.” Apply for a job that interests you, not just for the money.

In conclusion, students should find a job with connections, good hours, convenience, and relates to your passions. Don’t hesitate and over think as you apply for a job; as long as you try your hardest and persevere, you will get a great job.

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