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Clubs That Sank

By Adan Salazar

d.tech has had a long history of clubs that have come and gone. Some clubs have stayed active over the years while some have kicked the bucket. This is especially true for clubs that started in d.tech’s freshman year. These clubs disbanded for many reasons. Some had issues within the club, such as management problems, while others simply didn’t stay active after the first year because of disinterest. As a club leader myself, (esports), I was curious to know where others had struggled in maintaining their club. Where had they gone wrong?

“We had a good amount of kids in our club but none of them would show up to our meetings,” said junior, Bradley Kishiyama who led the Sports Club freshman year. “Our club sank because of the lack of effort we gave to implement sports events. We would plan the events, but never take the time to set up the events and gather the people.”

Leader of the former botany club, Jonathan Ferreira, talked about the lack of direction in his club. When asked about why his club sank, he said, “Lack of clear goal, no location, not a lot of student interest”. While these clubs did not have the best success, most leaders said they would like to go back and try again.

The Botany Club withered, just like this plant. Photo by Ms. Anderson

Dead clubs often had trouble getting things done. One club that died, however, was (ironically) very successful. Skate Club was a very active club freshman year, but died anyway. Max Otake was a pivotal member of skate club. “I actually didn’t start the club. But by second semester freshmen year, I was basically running it,” says Otake. “And then sophomore year, I continued to run it – kinda. I really liked it, though. We were getting involved in the community, making some small videos, and progressing a lot on our boards.” Otake talked about his club having a clear goal, and ending when they completed that. “Our main attempt last year was to build ramps to skate at school. If we had really [gone] with that idea, I think the club could have been super successful actually.”

I realized that a club can’t succeed unless it has a certain goal or mission. Had many of these clubs actually found a goal to work towards they would have probably been much more successful.

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