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What’s Hot in Men’s Fashion at d.tech

By Elian Mendoza Davis

Fashion is what sets people apart, but also what brings them together. Everyone has his or her own style, but you’ll find common themes. For students at d.tech the same rules apply: People like to be unique, however a lot of people follow the same trends and share similar styles. Here are some popular styles among guys at d.tech. not just students, but teachers, too.

Marcus Marshall. Photo by Elian Mendoza-Davis
Mr. Sullivan. Photo by Elian Mendoza-Davis











Teachers, Marcus Marshall and Mr. Sullivan, are good examples of teachers with style. Marcus, the Director of Athletics, has a much more sporty look, but it is still somewhat formal and professional. He is rocking an Under Armour collared polo-style shirt with jeans. 10th grade English teacher, Mr. Sullivan, has a patterned button up shirt with jeans – Simple, comfortable, and semi- professional. Sullivan wears name brands, like Brixton, which he gets for free, because he has a friend who works at the company. (Hook me up if you can *wink wink.*) His label-consciousness sets him apart from other teachers, and gives him that special oomph.

Lucas Wieser. Photo by Elian Mendoza-Davis

In the image above, junior, Lucas Wieser is wearing a very typical and casual outfit – a gray hoodie with khakis, and Nike shoes. Comfort and casualness make this look a favorite of students at d.tech and beyond.

Ian Sullivan. Photo by Elian Mendoza-Davis
Ryan Singson. Photo by Elian Mendoza-Davis











A similar, slightly different look, is the bomber paired with with denim or khakis and sports shoes. Fashionable, comfortable, yet still very simple, this look is slightly more put together because of the bomber. Junior, Ian Sullivan, shown above, raises his whole outfit to the next level with his Jordans, while Ryan Singson accessorizes with Polo frames.

Sal Nava. Photo by Elian Mendoza-Davis

Sophomore, Sal Nava is the epitome of skater style. In the picture, above, he is wearing Huf shoes, Levis, a Thrasher beanie, and don’t forget the Goodwill-purchased jacket. This is a style that is comfortable and the exact opposite of try hard, yet he says he is influenced by luxury brands such as Gucci and Ferragamo.

Nichika O’Malley. Photo by Elian Mendoza-Davis
Chris Ung. Photo by Elian Mendoza-Davis











Freshman, Chris Ung, and junior, Nichika O’Malley, both show off the sportswear trend. Most of the time you will catch [uselast name of Chris] in basketball shorts and a sports shirt. Ung and O’Malley both wear running shoes, which you can exercise and run around in with comfort, while still looking good.

There are many styles at d.tech – people like being themselves while wearing their own personal fashion. Even if people wear similar themes, they like being independent, but also in touch with what is common and popular. Even people who aren’t wearing name brands or following trends  own what wear, and dress how they want to, without feeling much negativity from others. That’s because we are all different, and have our own fashion sense and are able to represent our own SWAG.

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