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The Criminal Behind the d.tech Break In

By Michael Bentley

On March 28, 2017 at around 2 a.m., there was a break-in at Design Tech High School. Arnold Barrett, a 54-year old with nine previous misdemeanors and three felonies, was arrested by the police after he entered the school, setting off the silent alarm. He was found hiding in the bathroom by police.

According to his attorney,Naresh Rajan, Barrett was at the school in the wee hours of the morn because he was “looking for a job as a janitor.” He, Rajan says, thought the head janitor was present and would be willing to hire him.

Barrett did not break into d.tech, according to Dr. Montgomery – the school’s doors were left unlocked, and he walked right in.

Montgomery says that d.tech has since taken actions to prevent similar events from happening again. The school has put into place a new protocol for making sure the doors are locked every night. Every student has to clear out of the hangar by 4:30, and doors are locked. Break ins, or sneak ins, will be far less likely on the Oracle campus, where students will be required to wear badges to access the building, and the grounds will be supervised by the Oracle security team.

After being arrested at d.tech, Barrett was charged with a misdemeanor for loitering around a public place. According to the case summary, he pled guilty and was sentenced with two years probation and 10 days of jail time, which ended up being only five due to good conduct. He was also fined $260. His attorney said Barrett was happy with the resolution, and he, himself, felt the results were fair for his client.

Students had many different reactions when I asked them about how nervous they are about a future incident. Robotics member David Boles said, “[Robotics has] set the alarm off frequently and we know it’s working.” Whereas other students were less confident in our security system’s ability. Bradley Kishiyama said he is “Worried that our security is kind of garbage”, but neither of them were nervous about a trespasser entering during school.

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