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Top 5 Wonders of The Pez Museum in Burlingame

By Robert McGugan

Photos by author

I went to the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia and saw some amazing things. Here are the five most exciting.

1. Original PEZ sign that hung in front of the PEZ store in austria

This is the original sign that hung in front of the first PEZ store in Austria. Many people may not know that PEZ is an Austrian company. The word “PEZ” is actually an abbreviation for the german word for peppermint, “Pfefferminz”

2. Collection of every PEZ dispenser made.

They have every single Pez dispenser ever made. Here are just a few of them. Some of the first themed dispensers were Popeye, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Mickey Mouse. They get a shipment of the new dispensers every couple months.

3. The first PEZ dispenser vending machine

The first vending machine was manufactured in 1966 and was in New Jersey. This vending machine sold the actual dispensers that we see today. The candies themselves were in a separate vending machine.

Banned toys of yore

4. A collection of banned toys

This is a new addition to the museum, so if you are interested in looking at some things that aren’t PEZ-related, then here it is. These toys were recalled or removed from shelves for being either too dangerous or inappropriate for children. Some of these toys are Lawn Darts, which were too dangerous, Buckyballs which were too easy to accidentally swallow, and the Atomic Energy Lab, which contained actual radioactive material .

Carrie Fisher Pez Tribute

5. Signed and collectible memorabilia.

The museum also has signed Pez dispensers of characters created or portrayed by celebrities including, Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher, George Lucas, Lucille Bliss, and Jim Davis.

Want to visit?

Pez Museum Location:

214 California Dr., Burlingame


Tuesday-Saturday; 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

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