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Basketball & Me: a Q&A with William Yu

By Nichika O’Malley

One of the most popular sports in the whole world is basketball. William Yu, a junior a Design Tech, has been playing basketball for six years along with his freshman brother, Anthony. As one of the best players on the team nears the end of his high school career, we sat down to find out how William Yu was feeling about the sport, and whether he planned to continue.`

Q: How has basketball impacted you in your life?

To be completely honest, I just play it to have fun. Most would say such things like, “It helps me get rid of my bad thoughts,” or, “It is a career I would be interested to pursue,” and like, I don’t know, it just makes more competition between me and my brother, which is awesome. But by far, he’s better.

Q: Speaking of career interests, would you actually be interested in pursuing a career in professional basketball?

No, who do you think I am? If anything, my brother has a way better chance. I just do this to have fun. Let’s keep it real here…none of us really have a chance making it.

Q: Has basketball impacted your life in a negative way?

At times it has, because it has caused my grades to slip dramatically, especially in my time at d.tech. I just keep getting lazier and lazier [academically] when the season comes by.”

Q: How have you been able to overcome that roadblock?

Well, when I play here for d.tech and if my GPA gets lower than a 2.0, I would get kicked off of the team and like my coach is f***** scary and he would just be very disappointed in me.

Q: How long are you planning to play basketball? The rest of your life?

To keep it real with you, I believe that high school will be the last time I’ll be focused on the game. Like, it’s almost impossible to make D1 at any college, and why should I waste my time at something I am not going to have a career in? But my love for the sport will never stop. It’s just that I won’t take it as seriously like I have been the past six years, you know?

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  1. I really enjoy the laid-back atmosphere that Nichika’s writing has. Additionally, it seems like Nichika and WIlliam are personally very close together, and their chemistry really hits them off as a power couple. I wish that Tyler was in here as well, because it would be nice to have more input from the best basketball player on the d.tech team.

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