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Are Macarons Overhyped?

By Kim Del Prado

To tell you the truth, yes, yes they are very much overhyped. Thinking about it now, anything involved with France or any Parisian thing gets a little overhyped. The macaron is no exception. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, macarons are an overly sweet, expensive sandwich cookie that most people interested in baking want to make, and those who aren’t are willing to waste their money on. Don’t believe that you’re wasting money? Imagine how much money you are wasting if you are to pay the average price for macarons, which is $4 per cookie. It’s like an Oreo but more expensive, not as crunchy, and it’s from Paris, one of the fanciest places on Earth.


A cool blue for a cool macaron. Photo by Kim Del Prado.

As for the baking part, do you really think it is worth it to pay for almost $40 worth of ingredients (not including the filling) for a couple of batches of macarons that may get ruined? Macarons are extremely finicky. If you mess up while folding together the ingredients, your batch will end up a bit weird. If you don’t wait for your freshly piped macarons to form a skin, they’ll get cracks, or no feet. It takes time to be able to get everything right. Sometimes it takes one hour and 30 minutes, and sometimes it takes three hours.

Macarons: gotta eat ’em all! Photo by Kim Del Prado.

I have made a lot of macarons. I’ve helped make them for my friend, and I give them as gifts. Sometimes, cooking them makes me want to pull all the hair out of my head. I’m a stubborn person, so making macarons was a challenge I couldn’t help but do. I kind of regret taking the challenge head on, but I desperately wanted to perfect it. I honestly still haven’t. During the time of making the cookies, I went to different stores from Paris Baguette to Trader Joe’s, just to see what made their macarons sell. All in all, that whole experience ended up with me and an almost empty wallet in my bag. It was not worth the effort and expense.

There is nothing so special about macarons that justify the hype. 

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  1. This article really caught my eye! I hear about these cute cookies all the time, and they look beautiful, however, I’ve never actually tasted one! What inspired you to write about macarons? I love the photos, and I cannot wait to try these!

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