3 thoughts on “Get Woke to Nap Pods

  1. Great article Koby! I think having nap pods at our school could potentially have a positive impact on the dtech community. Nap pods would be great for allowing students to unwind from stress and help revive their mind and body. I hope to see this project get implemented at our school!

    1. Right. I could use a nap right after lunch. I remember in Kindergarten, I was way more productive when I got a nap in.

  2. Alright, cool info-graphic but what do you define “nap pods” as. From the graphic, I can see that students get into the pods and go to sleep but why are they necessary? Couldn’t students just sleep in a room on mats? Nevertheless, I do see some positive effects of a sleeping area at school. It would as Bret said help students unwind. I hope this idea is considered seriously.

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