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A Question for Teachers – Why d.tech?

By Yuze Sun

Some teachers who came to teach at d.tech. Photo by author

We all have different reasons why we came to d.tech. Some wanted to try something new, others were pressured by their parents. Regardless of the reason, we’re all here. However, have you ever wondered why the teachers came to this school? I interviewed five teachers at d.tech (Neal Addicott, Lessley Anderson, Dave Groat,  Patrick Sullivan, and Wade Wilgus) and asked them three questions about why they came to d.tech, then paraphrased and summarized their responses

Q: How did you discover d.tech?

DG: My sister in law is good friends with Ms. Cerra

LA: A girl in my graduate program applied for a job here. (She got it, but didn’t accept)

NA: My wife heard about it before I did, she told me about it. Told me it would be perfect for me.

PS: I heard about it before it started, got invited to workshop at the d.school, met Dr. Montgomery and Ms. Cerra. There weren’t any openings at that time (Ms. Cerra was teaching English). I saw that there were openings two years later, and everything worked out.

WW: Surfing for jobs.

Q: Were there other schools you were considering?

DG: Saint Francis High School

LA:  Mount Tam High

NA: Interviewed at Burlingame, had one set up with Menlo Park

PS: No

WW: Not really, but I was considering a couple of tech companies.

Q: Why d.tech?

(I think my personal favorite out of all these answers was Mr. Groat’s. The conciseness, as well as the way he said it, was very funny. It’s not very funny reading it, but it was when during the interview.)
DG: They didn’t interview me was a good starter

LA: I was offered a job here, but not at Tam. I really liked Ms. Cerra and Dr. Montgomery. (Anderson came in during the intro of POL day, and said she thought: “This place is super weird, but I’m just gonna go for it.”)

NA: I felt like my professional growth was stagnating, and I wanted to become better at teaching. I learned about how during intersession the teachers were doing professional development.

PS: I used to work at Millbrae as a technology integration specialist, helping teachers include more technology in their lessons. It was like a “my job here is done” situation. 

WW: The focus on personalization

It was really interesting interviewing the teachers about how they got to d.tech. Was it as interesting for you to read? Did any of their answers surprise you? Did you learn something new about your teachers?  If not, sorry. Have a nice day.

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