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The Supreme Money Gun: Who Would Buy It?

By Ian Sullivan

Photo by Kevin Lynch

Over the span of its almost 25 years, Supreme has become one of the biggest names in streetwear clothing with its loud and explicit style choices. But most importantly it is known for its hype and its limited supply, and this is why it is such a sought-after brand.

Supreme has released some very questionable items, besides clothing. For instance, last season, it released the infamous “SUPREME BRICK” – literally, a brick. But the ridiculous thing about it, is not the 8 x 4 x 2 inch -branded brick itself, it’s the speed at which the item sold out (less than 20 seconds of its release.) The same story goes for the latest release, the “MONEY GUN”. (More on this in a second.)

So what is it about the brand, that they can make seemingly any product with their name on it fly off the shelves? Well, it’s a mix of things, really, but the important word to remember is hype. Hype is defined as, “extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion.” This plays a huge role in the brand’s ability to sell all of the products that the company releases. Part of the reason they have such hype, is that they’ve done collabs with some of the public’s favorite brands, such as Nike, CDG, Louis Vuitton, and Levis. They’ve also created collaboration pieces, such as t-shirts, with non-fashion related celebs, some of which are still obscure. These include Three 6 Mafia, Gucci Mane, Kaws, Mike Tyson, and even Neil Young.

Now let’s talk about the money gun itself. It is a collab with Money Cannon, a company that specializes in, well, money cannons that shoot dollar bills. Up to $5000 (When filled with $100 bills) can be shot out of this particular hand-held cannon. Overall, it sounds like an item without a very clear use, but that’s not exactly true. It’s a status symbol. It shows that you have an expensive taste for for a brand, but most importantly shows that you have the money for it.

Overall, it sounds like an item without a very clear use

I asked d.tech different juniors whether or not they would by the Supreme money gun. Julian Waterwash responded with a clear, “No, because why would I need that in the first place?” Adan Salazar’s response was more enthusiastic: “Yes, because money is for spending, and I would spend money on that.” Aitana Abouata agreed: “Yes, because it is so sick.”  Finally, I was able to talk to a person who had actually purchased the item – a d.tech student who wished to remain anonymous, but provided this article’s photo of the boxed gun. When asked what he had bought it for, he said he planned to resell it on the internet for more money.

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