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What the Burlingamer Thinks of Us

By Ian Savelson

Photo by Ian Savelson

Many students at Design Tech at one time or another have been to the Burlingamer. For some, it’s a lab day habit, while others may only go there when they are required to. Although we’ve heard teachers speak of how we should use it, we haven’t really heard much of what the Burlingamer themselves think about our use of their facility.

To the Burlingamer, the arrangement with d.tech is mutually beneficial. d.tech gets a space to be active, while the Burlingamer gets another customer to lease space out to. As Burlingamer General Manager, Lee Mitchell, says, “For us at the Burlingamer it is a huge plus to fill space we would otherwise be using vary rarely.”

The Burlingamer sees other positives in their relationship with d.tech. As Burlingamer Coach Diego Ramirez says, ”A positive about Design Tech’s use of the Burlingamer is that they show interest in the sports we play in our programs. For example, they have showed interest in futsal, and are we trying to promote the sport to more people around the community.”

However, the relationship between d.tech an the Burlingamer is not altogether positive. There have been issues with students abusing equipment and not cleaning up before they leave. As Ramirez says, “last year there was equipment that was damaged by Design Tech students. It hurt the relationship between Burlingamer and Design Tech.”

Even though they feel that students are getting back on the right track and showing more consideration, the Burlingamer thinks there is still more room for improvement. “Some days coming into work at 3 p.m. and getting set up for our classes it looks like a tornado has hit, with equipment being everywhere.” says Mitchell

However it’s not all sour, the Burlingamer still trusts that D.tech can improve and right their previous wrongs. All the Burlingamer asks is that students and teachers make a better effort to keep the Burlingamer clean and leave everything the way it was when they walked in. Students need to remember that going to the Burlingamer is a privilege.


2 thoughts on “What the Burlingamer Thinks of Us

  1. Students not cleaning up the Burlingamer has always and will continue to be an issue until a stricter policy is implemented. I’m glad that you went out of your way to tell us what the Burlingamer thinks of us. It’s so easy to become singleminded and forget that there are other perspectives besides ours. Great article I tell you.

    1. I agree with Cole. People don’t feel a need to clean up the Burlingamer because there are no consequences. Until consequences are implemented this will continue to happen.

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