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Mr. Wall’s Painting Life

By Robert McGugan

Painting by Mr. Wall

Those of you who have been in physics teacher, Mr. Wall’s, classroom may have seen some amazing paintings covering the walls. However, you may not know that he painted them himself. I recently interviewed Wall about these paintings.

Wall said that he started painting in high school, when he took some classes at his school. Later, he was in the army and got deployed to a conflict in the Balkans. In his free time, he began to paint, and after that he painted every once in a while. When he got out of the army, he began to paint with his mom, who inspired him.

Above is a picture of Wall’s favorite painting, “because I took two photographs of people I know” and was able to combine them into one painting. One photo was of d.tech teacher Russ Moeller’s daughter, and the other was of d.tech student Nic Garland’s sister, Sarah, dancing. In this painting, Russ’ daughter is watching Sarah dance. Wall really likes the shadow he was able to create.

Mr. Wall’s favorite painting

When Wall paints, he uses oils in bright vivid hues such as alizarin crimson. He paints portrait and landscape plein air paintings. A plein air painting is a painting where the artist looks at his or her subject in real life, not via a photo or a video. His favorite style is fantasy or fantastical paintings. Wall frames all of his paintings himself, and often gets creative with it. For example, he once used a window frame from an old military building to frame a painting.

Wall says that he feels that it is important for people to express themselves through painting because, “The thing about painting is that it tells an emotion or a feeling without any words.” Finally, I asked Wall if he could talk to any artist, alive or dead, who would he choose and why.  He said that he would talk to Vincent Van Gogh, his favorite painter, because he likes the way the Dutch artist didn’t mix paint colors before applying them, but, rather, mixed them on the canvas.

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