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The Fake Meat Favored Most at d.tech

By Maxine Zigmond-Ramm

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Many people who are vegetarian or vegan don’t try fake meat. There is a stigma that fake meat is gross. Phoebe Rak, a freshman who is a vegetarian says fake meat ,  “looks like blended garbage.” One of the most challenging things, is getting past the look and trying it, but most people just can’t do that.

However, among students at d.tech, there was one brand everyone could agree on:. MorningStar Farm. Kat Chu, junior, said, “Some fake meat is really gross, but this was actually good and easy to make.” As well as tasting good, it takes very little time to cook and is convenient. Most have tried MorningStar at someone else’s house, then realized they tasted good. Amy Natarajan, junior, said, “I have never bought any, but I really like the veggie links.” Knowing what you like is easy. Knowing where to buy it, is the hardest part.

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Morningstar Farms is currently the biggest vegetarian food producer in the United States. Most of the products are made of vegetables, brown rice, egg whites, oats, soy sauce, and soy bean. For the vegan items, they do not use egg. This brand also makes vegan and veggie supplement meat, and is voted as having the best veggie burger according to a poll done by the Huffington Post. The company makes all kinds of different fake meats, such as sausages, corn dogs, burgers, bacon, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and more.

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Even meat eaters like the company’s products. Lifelong meat eater, junior, Carter Murphy, says, “They taste really good and are a good source of protein.” Because of the wide variety of products they have, you can have different sources of protein from the same brand throughout the day.  Another meat eater, Phoebe Baggott, says, “I like my bacon crispy, so it didn’t taste far off from what it normally does.” Though they may not always look the same as regular meat products, once you try it, you’re hooked.


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