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The Fate of Clubs on a Split Campus

By Tanner Gee

Hip Hop club. Photo by Katie Toye

With the seniors moving to a new campus and school schedule for the first half of next year, clubs may face hard times. 

Popular clubs such as Esports and Hip Hop club, for instance, may have difficulties because of the number of soon-to-be-seniors that make up their ranks. You can’t have a club with half the members in a different spot than the other half.

I think that it will inhibit our ability to do cool things. The point of Esports is to bring people who love video games together. That becomes pretty hard when you split them up. Our club probably won’t be very big next year,” said Adan Salazar, head of Esports. 

Leadership club. Photo by Katie Toye

Even smaller clubs may not survive through the change.  

Huge, important clubs like leadership and yearbook (which both have over 28 members) which are relied upon for events like the formal, may suffer, too.  Junior, Katie Toye, Yearbook Section Editor, foresees the impact of the separation as: “it will definitely slow down the thought process.”

For the majority of clubs at d.tech, it seems like this is not a widely discussed topic, given its potential effect on clubs’ futures. However, the separation is not a permanent problem.  After winter break, seniors will rejoin the pack at Oracle, and clubs will be reunited or restarted.

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