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What are Your Thoughts on the Kardashians?

By C.J. Fobbs


Ian O’Haire. Photo by author

They are so overrated. The only reason they’re famous, is because Bruce Jenner was popular and Kim made a sex tape. Then they had a TV show which is awful, and no one likes it, and now it’s all just drama about their personal lives.”

Ian O’Haire, 9th grader

Quincy Stamper. Photo by author




They are a smart family to stick together and make who ever is watching love or hate what they do.”

Quincy Stamper, teacher




Mr. Wilgus. Photo by author

“I am happy for them insofar as they are happy themselves. I worry that each member of the clan has so many layers of public masks on, that they are trapped within a Matryoshka doll of artifice with a desiccated little nugget of what was once their authentic humanity buried deep inside and crying to escape.”

– Wade Wilgus, history teacher




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