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Excitement about Hillsdale Mall Expansion

By Paulo Mangubat

With the new foundation laid, and the presence of high steel constructs visible from the main site, Hillsdale Mall has been making good progress in the redevelopment of its northern block. Featuring nearly 300,000 square feet of new retail, dining, and entertainment, the renovation is expected to bring many a new and exciting things to the Mall, the most notable of which are: The Cinema-Cinepolis, The Pinstripes bowling alley, and the outdoor dining terrace. The renovation is expected to be completed in the spring of 2018.

Exciting new options coming at the Hillsdale Mall

Hillsdale Mall has been serving many d.tech families for years. Those years, many have found it lacking. Phyllis Garland, a long time patron and ex-employee of the Mall, said,“Hillsdale Shopping Center’s biggest competitor is [the] Stanford Shopping Center which offers a variety of upscale stores and fine restaurants. I’ve known many friends who would prefer to shop at Stanford, because of the large variety of shops, especially during the holidays.” Garland’s friends aren’t the only ones who feel that way. Junior, Katherine Chu, when asked if she ever felt that Hillsdale was lacking, stated, “Yes, well…it’s you know, they’ve been closing a bunch of stores and it’s been kinda boring. It’s not that big, either.” Karina Rook, a Belmont resident and d.tech Parent, also shares this sentiment. She too felt that Hillsdale had been “absolutely”  lacking.  “For a while, there were a lot of empty stores, which looked terrible,” said Rook. “ I’ve also missed having a toy store there, and a Staples/office department type store.”

Artist rendering of newly expanded mall.

Not surprisingly,  the community strongly welcomes Hillsdale Mall’s expansion. Garland shares that she is extremely excited for the mall’s face lift, saying that, “Not only will it bring more jobs to the community, but it will also serve as a convenient way for families to spend time together, since they [will] have added the cinema and bowling alley.” “When I saw the estimated completion date of 2018, I felt disheartened – I can’t wait that long!” said Rook. “I also think there are not that many malls along the Peninsula, so I’m expecting it to be a popular destination, especially after it opens.“ Junior, Yeon Kim, has mixed feelings about the renovations, however. “I’m wondering if the new area will make the old area die,” said Kim. “I’m a little attached to the old area.”

Whatever, the outcome of the renovation may be, it is safe to say that it will have a big impact on the Mall and its surrounding community.


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