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The Singing Teachers of d.tech – Shocking Video!

By Robert McGugan

Music is something that nearly everyone enjoys. Styles are as varied as people’s tastes. Some people are content to listen, while others prefer to perform.  A few of our teachers here at d.tech sing as a hobby, and have been very influenced by music throughout their lives.

Mr. Cooley

Mr. Cooley emotes on stage

Mr. Cooley began singing at a young age and his musical tastes have developed and changed throughout his life.  He started singing in 4th grade as part of his school’s mandatory choir.  Although he sang in a choir, some of his favorite bands were Aerosmith and Guns n’ Roses, and when he began high school, he joined theater. Later, in college, he was a part of a rock band.  Now he says that now he is more into country and folk like Glen Hansard, The Devil Makes Three, and The Civil Wars.

Mr. Fenner

Fenner in the middle, screenshot from West African Highlife Ensemble video

Mr. Fenner began singing in his elementary school music class. In middle school he was in three different musicals and joined a choir, which he really enjoyed. In high school he toured to Florida as part of choir. He continued to perform in choirs in college, including, a West African Highlife Ensemble, as well as acapella groups. Recently, Mr. Fenner started learning capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music.

Mr. Addicott

Addicott in teen choir, far right in striped rugby

Mr. Addicott started singing in elementary school in a choir which he really enjoyed. He has a soft spot for the 80’s and alternative rock, but enjoys singing classical and opera. He was also a member of the choir for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Ms. Anderson

Hyperbole Mountain gospel bluegrass band, featuring Ms. Anderson (2009)

Mrs. Anderson started singing nursery rhymes at a very young age. Some of her favorite styles are soul, funk, bluegrass, gospel, classic reggae, and rocksteady. She has been a member of four bands, The Lovin’ 44’s, Hyperbole Mountain, Broken Treasure, and Baby & The Luvies. She has a plan to create a school band called d.soul, and has ideas for the outfits and two songs.

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