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Why People Hated The Phantom Menace

By Tyler Saiki

Official movie poster, The Phantom Menace

May 19th 2017 marks the 16th anniversary of the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The film was supposed to be the first in an epic series of prequels to the original trilogy that everyone knew and loved. What we got, to many fans’ dismay, was a huge letdown. Many people went into the movie expecting to re-live their childhood by seeing the classic franchise they grew up with reborn and reimagined with modern technology. What they got, however, was a movie with bad acting, a confusing plot, and stupid characters. As a Star Wars fan myself, I wanted to know why others despised the movie so much.

When asked about what he thought of the movie, William DeBruce, a junior, said “It’s stuff that’s good to know as a Star Wars fan, when it comes to the canon. However, I would give it a B- overall, and would not watch it again. Although I really liked the original music and battle scenes”.

Freshman, Zale Fadiman, had a similar opinion, stating “The movie has some good music, but I hate that stupid aquatic rabbit they had to add into it.” Another freshman, Noah Chen, said, “The movie had too many different plot points going on, and it felt like they were trying to tell four stories at once, which can be confusing to new people to the franchise”. Junior, Kevin Liu, was disappointed with the movie’s lore, saying, “Like everyone else, I hate the prequels. I guess for me, mostly, it’s the midichlorians they added to try and explain the force, rather than just leaving it as a mystery.” Paolo Skyrus, a junior, has a different opinion of the movie, saying, “The movie served as a good starting point for people who were new to the series and had good action scenes. Overall, I liked it.”

Thankfully, Disney seems to know what they are doing when making the new Star Wars films, though we can only hope that they don’t decide they need to bring JarJar back.


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