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Is Our Love Affair with Fidget Spinners Healthy?

By Ethan Yu

Photos by author

Fidget spinners, fidget cubes, and similar toys have been exploding in popularity in the past few months, promising a productivity boost. But do these toys actually help you become more productive? 

Fidget cube
Ryan Cen and his spinner

Ryan Cen is a d.tech junior who often fidgets with erasers. Cen has owned his fidget spinner for than a few months, and when asked whether it helps with his productivity he said,  “I don’t really think it’s productive because its takes away one of you hands when you are working”. Although Cen says he believes it’s distracting (as well as immobilizing), he says he doesn’t regret buying it. “You get what you pay for, so it doesn’t really matter,” said Cen.  He added that he believes that when you buy a fidget spinner, you shouldn’t expect to be productive (even though it’s advertised as such), and that you should buy one, in fact, to be unproductive (and to have fun playing with it.) Cen’s favorite fidget toy is the spinner.

Anthony Wang

Anthony Wang, another d.tech junior, recently obtained a fidget spinner. Wang says he believes that, “It can be unproductive if you want it to be, but it mostly helps me reduce stress.” Wang brings his fidget spinner to school every week, and uses it to give him a “gives a sense of relaxation”. 

Steven Eiserie

Steven Eiserie, a Sophomore at Capuchino High School believes that his fidget spinner actually helps with his productivity. Capuchino is a more traditional and handwriting-based school. “Spinning my red fidget spinner really helps me focus when writing,” said Eiserie “It’s really something that relieves my stress.” He added: “You can’t really find me at school without my fidget spinner, It’s basically a part of me now.” Eiserie believes that his money was well spent on his fidget spinner, and that the fidget spinner’s potential productivity boosting properties depend on the person who owns it. His favorite fidget toy is the spinner.

Brendon Lin

Brendon Lin is a freshman at d.tech, who says he believes that fidget spinners are, “a distraction because your attention is shifted onto the fidget spinner, rather than on the work that you need to do”. Lin has owned his fidget spinner for more than four months, and says he enjoys fidgeting with the spinner when he has finished his work.

Although it’s clear that fidget spinners can be more of a distraction than a benefit, if you have a clear understanding of you need to get done, and can handle the distraction, then this new craze may work for you.

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