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The Millbrae BART Escalator Incident

By Paulo Mangubat

Photos by author

At the Millbrae BART station, there have been recent incidents of the escalator stopping mid-operation as student’s from d.tech go up. Some people attribute this to technical difficulties, while others attribute it to someone accidentally pressing the stop button. However, the frequency with which this event occurs, and the fact that you would have to manually gain access to the button in order to stop it, suggest that an unidentified student is actually pressing the stop button on purpose. Necessary actions are being taken address the issue.

Dr. Montgomery confirmed he had been contacted by the BART Police about the issue. “At very first I thought it was someone making a bad choice. [That] it wouldn’t happen again” he said. The BART Police are currently releasing video surveillance footage to the Burlingame Police Department. “While the school does have jurisdiction on students going to and from school, the police can issue citations and fines for tampering,” Montgomery warned. He also mentioned that the BART Police were concerned that the incident had been affecting elderly people, who would have to take the stairs if the escalator stopped working. Montgomery noted his dismay in the escalator jammer’s “lack of empathy”. He concluded, “I just hope the people doing this would admit it.” 

BART police lieutenant, Chris Vogan, said that there has not been a report filed in on their side, but that they do know of the situation because the Burlingame Police Department contacted their video recovery unit.

Despite such an event happening so soon right after the damage from the camping trip, Montgomery noted how happy he was that students had approached him to let him know about the escalator situation. “I feel, for every one person doing bad, there are 40 people who want to do the right thing. I’m really encouraged that people are coming forward with this,” he said. No definitive information on who the student was has yet been released.

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