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Great Artists @d.tech

By Maxine Zigmond-Ramm

d.tech is filled with unique and talented people. I spoke with five of d.tech’s artists about their art and how long they have been making art.

Art by Trisha Chen

Trisha Chen, junior

“I’ve been drawing seriously for about eight years now, and the majority of my pieces are created digitally. I’ve been a freelance artist for two years, and I host my own print shop on online gallery, Society6.”

Art by Malia Savella

Malia Savella, sophomore

“I draw a lot (traditionally and digitally) and occasionally watercolor, but I wouldn’t consider myself especially talented or devoted to it. The image is something I drew maybe a month ago as a self-indulgent self portrait. It combines my native drawing subjects, people and plants, while also being an exercise in line-less art. It was also fun to dabble in abstraction, something I’d consider myself not too familiar with.”

Art by Carson Peters

Carson Peters,  junior

“​I like to draw because it is relaxing and permanent. Anyone can understand it and see it (unless you’re blind). It is fun to create something that is an original with no copies and be able to finish, step back and see what you have created.​ It also leaves an impression on you.”

Art by Jaya Reddy

Jaya Reddy, sophomore

“Art is the one thing I can do without someone telling me how to do it. I love how I feel when I sit down to draw, because everything around me slows to a stop. Creating and even just looking at art can bring me to a present state of mind. When I draw, I am no longer bothered by my troubles or worries, and I am able to focus on something that I love. This is about encouraging natural highs and raising awareness to how drugs and alcohol can affect the mental mindset.”

Art by Jane Wang

Jane Wang, freshman

“I do art because I love it, and because visual art can be such a powerful form of expression. Since I’m still struggling with technique and trying to expose myself to different art forms, expressing a lot of my own ideas with art is still kind of difficult and intimidating; sadly, the ideas inside my head usually tend to surpass my artistic capabilities. Later on though, I would really like to start experimenting with and incorporating social justice issues into my artwork and making conceptual pieces; there are a lot of issues of inequity that I really care about, and I think it would just be so cool if I could develop my skills enough to effectively represent them.”

Art by S’nova Kayfetz Vuong

S’nova Kayfetz Vuong, freshman

“I draw for stress relief. It’s very therapeutic and a good way to spend my off-screen leisure time.”

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