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Celebrating the Biggest Holiday of the Year: Elephant Appreciation Day

By: Michael Bentley

Michael Bentley holding a check for -$10, the total amount of money raised (and spent) for the elephants. Picture taken and edited by Nick Dal Porto.

Christmas. Thanksgiving. Elephant Appreciation Day. New Years. These are the days that one thinks of as the major holidays. Of course, as everybody already knows, Elephant Appreciation Day recently happened on Friday, September 22nd. Though it is odd that we didn’t get the day off of school, it was still a rousing success with many enthusiastic students and our very own fundraiser for the elephants.

In honor of Elephant Appreciation Day, I posted signs reminding people of the holiday and telling them to “be there” for the celebrations and also to wear an elephant costume for the event. I interviewed self-proclaimed elephant enthusiast Nick Dal Porto about what he thought of the signs, and he said, “Where’s there?” which was odd, because the sign clearly said, “be there or be square.” The location cannot be much more clear than that. He did not even wear an elephant costume on the special day, but instead chose to wear a suit. I am not sure how a suit resembles an elephant costume, but I guess that’s one way to celebrate it.

Elephant day reminder created by Michael Bentley. Elephant photo taken by Evan Tung.

After my chat with Mr. Dal Porto, I decided to talk to somebody much more sensible, Wayne Brock, the engineering teacher. When asked how he was going to celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day, Mr. Brock said “I don’t know. When is it?” He must live under a rock. Mr. Brock. Rock. They rhyme so you know it’s true. After informing him of when Elephant Appreciation Day is, he said “Maybe I will watch a nature documentary or something,” which, in my mind, redeems him.

After a full day of interviewing people who didn’t know much about Elephant Appreciation Day, I decided to interview somebody who would know. Adan Salazar, a teen volunteer at the San Francisco Zoo, works in the Animal Resource Center, also known as the ARC. After asking how the zoo will celebrate the holiday, he said, “We probably won’t because we don’t have any elephants.” That was unexpected because if the Bible taught me anything, it’s that there should be two of every animal on the Ark. I feel like an elephant is rather hard to forget, they are pretty large after all.

Photo taken by Evan Tung

The celebration overall was rather successful. I was disappointed I didn’t see any elephant costumes, but the rather large fundraiser for the elephants made up for it. We raised a grand total of 15 cents, but between paying for the giant check and shipping it over to the elephants, we might have to send a giant bill instead.

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