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Dealing With The 12th Grade Time Gap

By: William De Bruce

Natalie Cheyette arriving at SMAS for her 12:30 class. Photo taken by William De Bruce.

The faucet drips a single drop. The sun has risen and the cars are roaming. School children are heard in the distance. Dogs are watering the grass. The blanket is warm and the bed is soft. Sleep is what is needed and it is gladly accepted. It is 9:45 AM and Natalie’s Cheyette’s day has not even begun.

The San Mateo Adult School, or SMAS, has become the new home for most, if not all, d.tech seniors. Although d.tech classes start at a prompt 12:30 PM at the new temporary campus, there is still time to spend in the waning hours of the morning: 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. With so much newfangled time in the morning, what do d.tech seniors do?

The Dragon interviewed Natalie Cheyette. She claims to sleep in and usually arises around 9:45 AM. From there, she enjoys the responsibility of walking her dogs. Subsequently, she “lay[s] in bed for another hour [and] eat[s] breakfast.”  Cheyette keeps her mornings simple, explaining: “I sit in bed watching Netflix.”Cheyette only lives close enough to the SMAS campus to leave “..fifteen minutes before school starts.” So she has all the time in the world until her day of academia begins.

The Dragon also reached out to Hayden Navarro for an interview. “I can sleep in so much later and it’s great,” Navarro explains, “I can [also] take classes at CSM”, which is at 9:10 AM to 10:00 AM. Typically, he tries to do homework after that, but eventually needs to “drive fast on the highway” to get to the SMAS campus. At the Rollins campus, students are not allowed to plonk their automobiles into the parking lot. Although the new campus for d.tech seniors offers student parking, it is limited. In addition, the new schedule, says Navarro, “makes it impossible to get a job. Most places open at 10 AM. And there’s not enough time to work after school, so I’m broke now.”

Some seniors, such as Jeffrey Bernstein, share a similar perspective on the new SMAS campus. Unbeknownst to many, Bernstein takes morning classes at CSM, but finds trouble attending college classes in the evening as he faces a dilemma about “[choosing] whether to eat dinner or get to class on time”. The final classes at the SMAS campus end at 4:40 PM, while those at the Rollins Campus end at 3:40 PM. Bernstein reveals that the new ending time “messes up [his] schedule,” and it “makes short time for activities in the evening.” He also points out that school ends during the height of rush-hour traffic.

Of the 110 students who attend the SMAS campus, there are many variations on a well-spent morning. It is a day’s dawn. Upon what rivers do you row your waters? In which events do you indulge from the rooster’s croak to the sun’s descent? Thou shalt take the morning unto thine own hands and make it whole. Maximize your efforts in the mornings, when you are most fresh, because you will never have the same morning again.

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