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Sorry, Remind Me of Your Name?

By: Michael Bentley

‘Learning Hub’ became ‘FIT.’ ‘Infractions’ became ‘Community Agreement Violations.’ ‘Alpha’ became ‘1st Period.’ ‘Mr. Andrew’ became ‘Mr. McAndrew.’ There is no doubt that d.tech has a culture of arbitrarily changing the names of everything. Even the students do it; remember when they replaced all the rooms’ names for the Presentations of Learning to colors like Canary? None of these name changes accomplish much more than confuse the student body. What did changing ‘Infractions’ to ‘Community Agreement Violations,’ also called CAVs, even do? It is not like a student is going to think, “Oh I just got caught with my phone out in class. I better rebuild the trust of the community.” Instead, it will be similar to what it was before, but with more confusion: “I can’t believe I just got a CAV for having my phone out in class. I wasn’t even doing anything bad. Wait, what even is a CAV, and does it have any relation to the basketball team? ” Except, you know, with a lot more swearing.

These useless naming switch-ups stem from the fact that d.tech tries to emphasize minor changes in policy without taking into account the confusion it can cause students. Switching ‘Learning Hub’ to ‘FIT,’ Focused Independent Time, was done to emphasize that free periods are meant for independent work and therefore should be silent. Did they need to change the name for that? No, they could have just said “Learning Hub is now silent,” and that would have solved the problem just fine. d.tech needs to be more consistent with their naming conventions and think about how little there is to gain from changing something’s name. What even is the point of having these odd names in the first place? It would have been much clearer just to call FIT ‘Study Hall’ – there is not a difference between the two anyway. These wacky naming conventions do nothing but confuse the student body.

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