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d.tech Cross Country Qualifies for League Championships

By: Hezekiah Smithstein

Design Tech’s Cross Country team had their first year in an official league and qualified for CCS due to great meet success. Photo by Vida Hayashigatani.

The sun blazed down from the sky as the black and orange clad d.tech cross country team headed down the hill towards the course. The team, coached by math teacher Mr. Cooley, were about to run the 3 mile Crystal Springs course that the team had been running all season as a part of the Private School Athletic League (PSAL). It had been a successful season so far, and the varsity athletes were looking to place well at today’s championships to advance to the next round. The next round? A meet that the top four teams in our league qualify for called sections. Those four teams go compete with other teams in our division to potentially qualify for a state meet.

After the Junior Varsity runners finished their race and walked back sweating under the relentless, sweltering sun, it was time for the Varsity girls to race. The lone representative for d.tech’s Varsity girls team was sophomore Kate Hayashigatani. Since d.tech did not have enough members to champion a team for Varsity girls, Hayashigatani would have to qualify as an individual with a time within the top three girls on non-qualifying teams. It was a daunting challenge, and the hot weather was merciless, but Hayashigatani was up to the task, placing 5th overall and qualifying individually with a time of 22:08.

By 4:30 pm, the temperature was still in the high 80s and there was not a cloud to be seen in the sky. Regardless of the intense weather, it was time for the Varsity boys to begin their race. The Varsity boys, who were attempting to place within the top four of 12 teams running at the meet, chatted animatedly and tried to stay loose before the run. Standing at the line were seniors Tyler Chan and Bradley Kishiyama, juniors Tanson Chan and Hezekiah Smithstein, and sophomores Spencer Kishiyama, Ian O’Haire, and Brandon Liu. As the gun went off, the runners leaped forward and bounded down the hill at the beginning of the course. Dust from the dry dirt trail clogged the air as the runners bunched together, and the hilly course and lack of shade ahead of them made the race long and arduous. However, the team were a resilient bunch and did not let this faze them. Leading the way was Tanson Chan, who won first place at the meet with a time of 17:06, contributing considerably to the overall success of the team. The rest of the team also ran well and together were able to secure the fourth qualifying spot for the sections meet.

Hayashigatani and the Varsity Boys team will be going to the sections meet Saturday November 11th at Toro Park. Come out and support the team!


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