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d.tech Basketball: Tryouts and what to expect for the season

By: Kleiton Carl Macrohon

As fall sports wrap up, d.tech basketball is about to get started. Photo by Eric Bone.

Just like the regular NBA season, d.tech basketball is just around the corner, which means that our Dragons are prepping for an amazing season. Tryouts begin November 1st, and for returning players, conditioning has already begun. So, as this year’s basketball season is about to commence, get out your basketball shorts, Jordans, and that Mamba mentality and try out for the team!

d.tech has multiple basketball teams that anyone can tryout for: Boys Junior Varsity, Varsity, and Girls’ JV. Here’s a few answers to the questions you may have about the upcoming basketball season.


What does a basketball tryout involve?

Students are tested by their coach through multiple activities during the basketball tryout:

  1. The fundamentals: Shooting drills, lay up drills, passing drills, etc.  
  2. Team play: Scrimmages and team workouts

These factors are all a part of tryouts, so practice your weaknesses beforehand, but also continue to exercise your strengths.Try your absolute best, show commitment, and, most importantly, make yourself stand out from the rest of the players by displaying your strengths.

Steven Varghese warming up by doing shooting drills before a game. Photo taken by Eric Bone.


I got onto the team, what can I expect?

The season can get very tiring, both mentally and physically. There will be a lot of pressure from schoolwork, during crunch time, and games, and it can feel very stressful. But fear not! We’ve had many students join our teams in past years, and have been very successful in establishing regimens and conditioning routines that will get you through game season. One thing that many of our players agree on is that conditioning and physique are important to maintain. You have to be able to endure playing until you get called to the bench, and being in shape and taking care of your body is the key to doing that.

“You can shoot the ball well, but if you’re not conditioned then you’re not ready to play the game.”    -Quincy Stamper, Boys JV coach


How strong is the team chemistry?

Shaquille O’Neal-ripping-down-backboards strong! Our returning players have their arms wide open, and you won’t have to worry about “not feeling like a part of the team”. Besides basketball drills, understanding plays, and practice, it’s all about developing the team play. Many of our players have been playing on the team for a few years now, and will act as mentors to those who are new to playing on a team. As long as you’re willing to be a piece of the puzzle, then winning games won’t be an issue!

d.tech girls Varsity. Photo taken by Tanson Chan.


What does the offense and defense look like?

On a game-to-game basis, our team will always adjust their style of play to better counter the opposing team. Offensively, our teams are focused on communication, San Antonio Spurs- type passing (consistently passing the ball with little isolation), and a “run and gun” Warriors-fast pace with the ball (passing, shooting, and more shooting!). Our teams also focus on their defensive prowess, which has won them many gamest. In the end, the plays that are drawn up by our teams are all based off of the opponents, so it’s key to listen to what the coach has to say and to observe the other team.


What advice do our current players have for anyone thinking about trying out?

“I say do it! It’d be hard to adapt at first, but you get used to it.”

-Ana Nicolau, Girls Varsity


“It’s gonna be fun, but just get ready for a lot of commitment and hard work.”

– Nichika O’Malley, Boys Varsity


“Understand that joining any club or sport, there’s always going to be drama or disagreements. And it’s also going to take time out of your life (obviously) so be aware of that and plan that out when your going to do homework, chores, and other stuff. If you have a lot of patience, time, and passion, then I would recommend joining basketball.”

-Yamini Prasad, Girls Varsity


“Tryouts are on November 1st.”

-Quincy Stamper, Boys JV Coach


“Join! The experience is memorable and we become a closer family! We learn and work, helping each other become better players and people! Hope to see you on the court!”

-Sammi Tse, Girls Varsity


So jump right in and tryout! The basketball team is all about creating a community and helping each other out, so you will learn to love your teammates like family. Our seniors will be playing their hearts out for their final high school season, and will leave an everlasting memory on d.tech’s sports history. Be a part of the crew, and if you ever want to talk to someone about the basketball team, talk to one of our returning players or JV Coach Quincy.

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