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The NDP Experience: Giovanni’s Pizza

Nick’s Decent Pizza Experience

Giovanni’s Pizza – Sunnyvale (1127 N Lawrence Expy Sunnyvale, CA 94089). Photo by Nicholas Dal Porto

By: Nicholas Dal Porto

If you’re out and about and looking for a no nonsense, quick slice of pizza pie, Giovanni’s Pizzeria in Sunnyvale is a great option. Located conveniently on Lawrence Expressway, it’s a small no-frills family-run joint that makes a surprisingly good pizza.

Giovanni’s got its start in New York, when Sicilian immigrant and culinary student Giovanni Spatola left Italy for the big city. After working in a variety of pizzerias to learn the business, he became a self-described expert of the pizza trade. With all this newfound knowledge, he moved to California, and opened Giovanni’s in Sunnyvale in 1995.

Inside the restaurant, you’ll quickly find out that it isn’t really a gourmet eatery. The tables are bland, there’s a few televisions, but nothing really stands out. Opening the menu, you might notice that the prices are low. However, don’t let this fool you. The pizza ain’t half bad.

Getting my usual cheese pizza order, upon visual inspection the slice strikes a nice balance between cheese and sauce. The crust is crisp, and the underside is coated in small specks of cornmeal. The sauce is good, a tad sweet but nothing really more stands out. The cheese is good, spread evenly, but there’s nothing really extraordinary about it. You’ll find when eating Giovanni’s that it can get messy, because staying consistent with New York pizzas, it is quite oily, and liquid oil is expelled from the pizza upon taking each bite. Overall, it’s just a solid, basic slice of pizza. When you come to Giovanni’s, you don’t expect anything more. They aren’t advertising lofty artisan ingredients or the latest innovation in pizza making technology. It’s just a no-nonsense, old-school joint.

On Yelp, most like it – “I’ve been here several times, and it’s pretty good pizza!  It’s a little on the thinner crust, which is not my favourite, but the pizza itself tastes really good,” said one reviewer. Another boasted, “The thin crust though… that was awesome. The crust was great, crispy and flavorful with a nice chewiness inside.” Most reviews are positive, indicating it’s solid and tasty offerings.

And they do offer a per slice option, making this a great place to go if you need a quick bite or on a budget. It’s your classic old pizza place, exactly as advertised.


Quick Hits: ★★★☆☆

Where?: Giovanni’s Pizza – Sunnyvale (1127 N Lawrence Expy Sunnyvale, CA 94089)

Is it any good?: Turning out simple and tasty New York style pies, it’s your classic no-nonsense pizzeria.

How Much?: Prices are very affordable, ranging from $10-$27, size and topping dependant. Other Italian dishes and drinks are available for sale.

Any Tips?: N/A

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