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The NDP Experience: Howie’s Artisan Pizza

Nick’s Delightful Pizza Experience

Howie’s Artisan Pizza – Palo Alto (855 El Camino Real #60 Palo Alto, CA 94301). Photo by Nick Dal Porto

By: Nicholas Dal Porto

Howie’s Artisan Pizza is one of the newer additions to the Bay Area pizza scene, popping up in 2009, with one location in Palo Alto. Since then, they’ve been producing beautiful handmade pizza pies every day.

Howie’s was started by Howard Bulka, a Bay Area chef and pizza enthusiast who lives by the motto “Making pizza is easy. Making great pizza is darned difficult.” And at Howie’s, they make some darn great pizza. The dough is made 100% in house by hand, the formula for which was pioneered by Bulka in his home kitchen. After the bakers prepare the dough, they let it rest for several days to ensure  perfect consistency before a pizza chef even lays an eye on it. They have many homemade ingredient options: sausage, dressings, and a multitude more. This leads to a perfect no compromises pizza.

The dining experience is lovely. The restaurant is nicely appointed, the lighting is exceptional, and all the staff are friendly and helpful. They serve many different styles of pizza, as well as other Italian dishes.

During my visit, I had the Margarita and the cheese. Both were very good. The crust is thicker and it’s not overcooked. When you taste the Margarita one of the first things you’ll notice is the taste of the fresh olive oil, which floats on the surface of the sauce. The mozzarella is flavorful but not slimy, and the pieces of cheese are cut nice and thin. On the cheese, the same crust is topped with a similarly lovely sauce and gourmet cheese to the Margarita. The sauce is a bit sweet, and the cheese just a tad sour, contrasting t nicely. Bite after stringy bite, the pizza delivers. When you reach the end, the crust is nicely consistent, firm but not crunchy. Overall, it’s an excellent pizza. Sides aren’t bad either, with my personal favorite being the cheese garlic bread. While the portions are on the smaller side, they are quite delicious.

Most Yelpers like it too, with some raving: “After 2 trips to Howie’s I can totally give this place 5 stars. Everything was just as good the second time as the first. We ordered a veggie (Veggie Works) on both trips and received the same excellence twice. The veggies were fresh, the amount of cheese was perfect, and the crust was just the right crispy.” And another saying, “Howie’s, in my experience, is exceptionally good. Fresh, tasty ingredients that individually stand out. Excellent crust. No gloppy mess or hard rubber pepperoni. And the people are super.”

Overall, it’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a delicious, slightly higher-class dining experience. With their multitude of other non-pizza options, you can’t go wrong spending the evening at Howie’s.


Quick Hits

Rating: ★★★★☆

What? Howie’s Artisan Pizza – Palo Alto (855 El Camino Real #60 Palo Alto, CA 94301)

Is it any good? Pies here are exquisitely prepared and served, and with great ingredients.

How much? Pies range from $20-$22, and extra toppings run $2.50 extra.

Any tips? Consider ordering garlic bread or a salad. Both are tasty choices.


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