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We Don’t Like The Weather Up Here

By: Sofya Shatalova

Photo by Evan Tung

Hey, what’s so bad about being tall?

“I can’t take a shower!” says junior Aidan Janzen, when asked the simple question. Janzen is six feet tall and can touch every ceiling in his house. He also gets asked for which basketball team he plays “How’s the weather up there”, and simply “Hi, how tall are you?” Janzen explains  the nuances of low-placed shower heads, especially in hotels. “I’m 6 feet tall right? But I have to stand under a 5 foot, 8 inch shower.”

Amy Natarajan and Ella Rook, both seniors and 5’ 11 and 6’ respectively, describe the struggles of buying clothes – everything is too short. “I buy everything online,” says Natarajan. Common issues are often the length; shirts are always too short, so Rook orders extra long shirts. Dresses might work for some, but Rook and Natarajan wear them with leggings. “The inseams of the jeans are always too short, so I roll them up so it looks like I am intentionally wearing capris,” Rook says. Along with clothing, shoes pose a major problem as well. “I either buy men’s shoes or buy size 13 women’s shoes online,” says Rook.

Many things, besides just shower heads, are too low, such as tables and kitchen counters. Or other people’s heads. “I can sometimes genuinely not hear people,” Rook says. When people are standing in a group, “they talk to my chest instead of up to my face. I want to lean over to hear them better, but it feels so patronizing.”

Having shorter friends can be more troublesome than one might expect “When I hug people, their face goes into my boobs, so you have to do an angled hug to avoid it,” says Rook. When it comes to group photos, Rook and Natarajan feel they stick out like a sore thumbs. “That’s why I like standing next to Amy,” admits Rook, “I don’t look as monstrously tall.”

At the end of the day, there has to be an upside to all this. Rook says that she never feels pressure to wear heels at prom because she’s already so tall, and that she’s the best at putting up posters and can help reach things at the supermarket. Natarajan agrees, saying that “It feels really good to help people.” She adds, “I’m proud of being tall; I have embraced it and I even wear heels.”

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