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Sweet Oracle Experience

By: Michael Bentley

Photo by Michael Bentley

Although eating an Oracle intersession class lunch is seen as a treat for many students, it is not without its challenges. After a student piles on whatever meat and bread the company offers that day, conveniently forgetting the salad, they are approached with the time old question: what dessert should I take? Do they want to be that guy who grabs one of each even though you are obviously only supposed to choose one, or do they want to risk missing out on the best one? Here is a guide to the best and the worst, to make the choice easier.


Matcha-Yuzu Mousse Cake

Photo by Michael Bentley

This green cake looks interesting, to say the least. It consists of different layers of various shades of green, and goofy looking balls on top. The dessert is clearly trying to have a green tea look, but, something seems off. Senior Ryan Cen said the cake’s green tea flavor tasted “weird because there was some sourness.” The cake also had a buttery flavor which seemed out of place with the green tea taste. This dessert is rather disappointing and not up to Oracle’s usual quality, in any case, not how I thought a green slice of cake would taste. 2/5.


Lychee Creme with Pomegranate

Photo by Michael Bentley

This is the classic cookie with a volcano of frosting erupting small chocolate balls. Now, this dessert really confused me. How am I supposed to eat it? Do I use a fork and knife, or struggle to wrap my mouth around all of the frosting as I eat it with my hands? I did not want to be a savage who eats a cookie with a fork and knife, so I chose the latter. I struggled to take the cookie off of its platform, but after I was successful, I realized something was holding the cookie onto its carrier. That was the first hint that I chose the wrong method to eat the cookie. When I took a bite of the cookie, it started to crumble, leaving the edges of the frosting unsupported. I am pretty sure that I ate it the wrong way, but it’s not like there were alternatives. I refuse to eat a cookie with a fork. To add to the issues with this cookie volcano, when I bit into the white frosting there was some odd red food item in the center. The taste was inconsistent and too sweet if you were unlucky enough not to eat any of the red center in your bite. Now I could go further into the detail into the flavor, but I am confident you have heard enough about the struggle of eating it to know not to grab this dessert. 0/5.


Maple Panna Cotta with Poached Pears and Cinnamon Streusel

Photo by Michael Bentley

I heard rave reviews of this dessert, and I knew I had to try it. At first glance, I thought it looked rather odd. The dessert had a white layer of an egg yolk like substance, covered with a layer of what I believed to be brown sugar, topped off with a surfboard-shaped chocolate, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. The one word I would use to describe the flavor is sweet, too sweet. It had a lovely texture with a soft milky bottom, topped with a more solid top, but boy I could not get past the sugary flavor. Maybe I am getting old and resistant to sweet food because everybody around me loved it. Sofya Shatalova, a d.tech senior, described it as “heaven.” This dessert is much too sweet for me, but because it had a nice texture and everybody around me seemed to disagree, I would give this surfboard a 4/5.


Mocha Mousse Cake

Photo by Michael Bentley

I have never been one to object to anything chocolate, so I decided to try my hand at what looked to be chocolate cake. It turns out I should have read the description of the dessert before I grabbed it. It had a coffee flavor, which I am typically not a fan of. I don’t even drink coffee. Good news though, it turns out Oracle managed to make this mocha cake delicious. The cake managed to beautifully combine coffee and chocolate flavor, with the white dollop on top adding a nice sweet taste to balance the intense flavors. This dessert is easily one of Oracle’s best, with a coffee taste that manages not to be overpowering. 5/5.


White Chocolate Peppermint Mousse With Red Velvet Cake

Photo by Michael Bentley

Now, this dessert is worthy of Oracle’s brand. As everybody knows, red velvet cake is fantastic. This dessert grabbed my attention for two reasons: layer one of red velvet cake and layer two of red velvet cake. In this case, there was a lovely hint of mint, and in combination with the excellent texture of the cake and custard in the center, this dessert was a gift from the cooking gods. The real challenge that many people face when making a cake is the texture being dry, but Oracle managed to make their red velvet cake in this dessert very moist. This cake is my favorite dessert made by Oracle by a longshot, worthy of a 6/5.

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