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Rap Heaven for Rico Levitt

Rap Heaven for Rico Levitt

Design Tech junior Rico Levitt has been working on his music career dreams by releasing his first rap song on SoundCloud.

By: Max Otake | motake18@dtechhs.org | January 31, 2018
Photo by Evan Tung.

Until recently, d.tech junior Rico Levitt had been building up a collection of music he kept entirely to himself. But in early October, he surprised us with the drop of his first rap song, “Heavens”, on SoundCloud. Under the name Rico Paid, Levitt’s tracks consist of laid-back beats paired with his soothing voice. Although he has been making music for years, Levitt is finally sharing with the world, and he’s off to a promising start.

Levitt has been making beats and rhymes since the young age of thirteen when he became inspired by Earl Sweatshirt, a rapper most notable for his involvement with rap group Odd Future. While the comparison to Sweatshirt is a common one for Levitt, he explained that Sweatshirt’s influence was interpreted not in style, but simply in getting him to put pen to paper. “I got really into [Earl’s] earlier stuff, when he was like thirteen or fourteen. Seeing him rap gave me a lot of inspiration because there was no reason I couldn’t do the same.”

Photo by Evan Tung

Close examination of Levitt’s unique sound and style reveals that his influences are multidimensional. While he credits 80s and 90s rap as the foundation, his inspiration goes much deeper.  “Inspiration comes from really anything,” explained Levitt. “I’m like a sponge, I absorb everything around me.” Although he incorporates various outside sources, much of his inspiration is found internally. Being aware of his emotions is a major component in his creative process. He says, “I write my songs based on emotions. Every feeling is an opportunity, and I try to make good out of it all.” The level of intimacy and thoughtfulness that Levitt incorporates into his music produces a unique sound full of Levitt’s personality.

“Inspiration comes from really anything,” explained Levitt. “I’m like a sponge, I absorb everything around me.”

A SoundCloud rapper often get a bad wrap for being  it’s important to point out that Levitt’s dedication to his craft is in sharp contrast to the stereotype. “I love SoundCloud. That’s where my ‘career’ is going to be for while. It’s just a way to grow.” The big picture is, he’s just excited to be considered a rapper.

While it may seem crazy that Levitt had deprived us from his music for so long, a lot of it came down to a lack of confidence. If it wasn’t for Levitt’s sister, it’s possible his music would still be unheard. “My sister just told me the right thing on the right day, that I should take a risk,” he said. “She made me realize I had a talent and passion strong enough to get me places if I stopped hiding my talent.” While he was hesitant to do so, Levitt soon posted Heavens, which quickly reached over 100 likes and gave him the encouragement he needed to continue. “People showed more love for the track than I myself had initially felt for it,” he explained. Levitt soon dropped three other tracks, and future content is continuously in the works. Looking back on it now, Levitt doesn’t know why he didn’t start sharing sooner. Regardless, through a mix of his sister’s inspirational words and the amount of likes his songs have been pulling, Levitt has gone from years of keeping secret content to pumping out new tracks weekly.   

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