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How It Feels To Be Paul Cerra

By: Austin Alcantar

Paul Cerra – Technical Support of Design Tech

Paul Cerra. You may have seen him running around the school, laptop in hand. He’s the Technical Support of Design Tech, fixing the network, fixing Chromebooks, and, as of recent times, the general Facilities Manager, taking care of the building’s systems and keeping it running in good shape. The Dragon sat down with Cerra to ask him a few questions. When asked about his job here at Design Tech, he said, “It feels like a privilege to work here, with all you guys. It’s a new opportunity for me.” Cerra really enjoys helping people at d.tech, and feels bad when he can’t fix someone’s Chromebook or the network. He also says the job has its perks, namely the view here at the new school, the Oracle dining options, and learning from the students themselves. He does have another job for insurance, at Trader Joe’s. Cerra says:

“It definitely won’t get you rich, but it’s a good way to meet some cool people and learn some things about yourself. It’s also pretty cool to get a little stronger over time from unloading a lot of heavy items from the truck. Every once in a while, you’ll get a jerk, but that’s just a part of every job, you know? You just gotta pay attention to everything else, like if this guy sucks but I have 25 other cool people I’m buds with, then I don’t sweat it. It’s a part of life, just go with it.”

An important learning experience Cerra has had in his life was in college, when he passed up the chance to go to Seville, Spain, so that he could party with his friends. After all was said and done and he saw the photos from the trip, he realized that you can party with your friends any weekend, but going on a trip to another country may be a one time thing. In short, don’t pass up a unique chance in exchange for something you can do any time.

Being Paul Cerra can be hard sometimes, and some days, a lot of people need things from him, which can be overwhelming. But he knows that eventually he’ll be able to go home, and relax by either taking care of his spring-blooming garden, cooking meals for himself, playing games, or listening to music. All in all, Cerra says that “Being Paul feels good.”

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