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Insider Special Report – Welcoming New Teacher Mrs. Frost

By: Ava Shaw

Mrs. Frost: Math tacher at d.tech

Design Tech added a very positive and warm math teacher, Mrs. Frost, to their staff this year, but due to  her teaching mostly freshmen and sophomores, the upper class (even some staff members) don’t know much about her. I decided to reach out and talk to her, going into the interview knowing very little about her.

Mrs. Frost grew up in a small town called Tulare, thirty minutes outside of Fresno, with her brother, and her mom. She explained, “[my parents] were very young when they had me. My dad had just started college when I was a baby, so my mom took care of [my brother and me] for the first two years.” Mrs. Frost’s mom and brother later moved back in with their dad which once again united Frost’s family, until her mom left them. Mrs. Frost talked about how her dad was her biggest influence: “He went to college, worked two jobs, and provided for my brother and I all at the same time.” Her dad taught her how to be strong and independent, telling her to “know your worth”, which Frost said was very important to hear at a young age, especially being a black woman.

Frost later went to college aiming for  a degree in criminal justice, specifically with a concentration in corrections. Although that major didn’t end up working out, Mrs. Frosthad always been good at math so she decided to become an educator in her hometown, starting as a teacher’s aid. From Tulare, Frost’s teaching career blossomed into 11 years of instructing math, prior to joining d.tech. 

When she isn’t helping kids or preparing a lesson, Mrs. Frost is likely trying to live healthier. She has a very unique morning routine: she wakes up at 3:50 am six out of the seven days in order to work out in her home gym. Mrs. Frost explained, “After having my son, I decided I wanted to lose a little weight and live a healthier lifestyle, so I started working out almost every morning. I document some of my workouts and progress on Instagram and have a little more than 4k followers.”

After her daily morning exercises, she comes to d.tech to educate her students. One of her students, Alberto Silva, says “Mrs. Frost is a very kind, calm, and patient teacher when it comes to us. She’s also really good at thoroughly explaining the math we’re doing, which really helps me in class.”

Frost really likes the structure of d.tech and how the students pace the class, rather than the math book or the curriculum teachers normally have to lean on. World History teacher Ms. Gonzalez said, “Her relationships with her students, especially in her @d.tech are very strong, and I can see that they can really trust her. She knows how to connect with the students and I think that’s a very important trait to have, especially at d.tech.”

It can make any student nervous when they hear that they’ll be getting a new teacher, but kind, calm, and warm teachers like Mrs. Frost can make just about any student excited and ready to learn.


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