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Insider Special Report – The Pros and Cons of Our Building

By: Ian Sullivan

Photo by Evan Tung

Design Tech High School has settled into its new home on Oracle’s campus. There’s no argument about the quality of the furniture and classrooms being much higher than anything d.tech has ever seen before, but what else stands out as being unquestionably great? Do students love every single aspect of the building or are there some parts that are dislike? Three people – two d.tech students (one anonymous) and one Wilcox High Schooler – helped me with my investigation to find the pros and cons of our brand new home.

The first interview was with the junior, Agathe Vausser, who got the opportunity to add a little bit of input during a design challenge that had taken earlier this past year. When asked what things she had wanted to be put into the school, she immediately responded with:  ̈Student parking! Yeah,student parking was the first thing I asked to be put near the school. But obviously they said no. I understand why, but that would’ve been nicer than taking the train and then the shuttle and then walking the rest of the way.”  Transportation was clearly one of her issues with the school. However, it wasn’t all negative, as she also responded that the whiteboard walls are actually one of the best things that they did and that she really likes the size choices for the classrooms.

̈Later that day I talked to another d.tech student, who asked to remain anonymous. After When asked which parts of the school were their least favorite,my interviewee responded with,  ̈The geese, they are everywhere! I hate that every time I walk to school, I to play Mission Impossible trying to avoid the birds themselves and the landmines they leave!” When asked about their favorite things about the new campus, they answered:  “Easily my favorite things are the insane amount of windows, and that not one class doesn’t have any. I also thought the anti bird dots thing was a super cool idea.”

Much later in the week, Aris Chen, senior at Wilcox High School,  and I did a slow drive past the school. He was immediately impressed with the looks saying, “The outside design was actually amazing. It doesn’t really look like a school though. But I wouldn’t mind doing some boring school stuff there.”  Before I could even ask what problems he had with the school, he asked me, “Where do you guys do your physical stuff, like are you guys able to ball-up anywhere? I’d kinda want something to do while I’m outside. ” Chen makes a good point, as the countless amounts of cars make it impossible to play basketball in the parking lot, and there is only a limited amount of space on the Bay Trail to do things. However, the outdoor public equipment can and has been used by students to get physical activity.

There are easily far more pros than cons about this school, but that’s to be expected with something as big as a brand new high school building. But I think there are many things that the faculty and even students can do to make our new home feel like the home of the d.tech Dragons.

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